The culture that connects us

A celebration of Europe's multi-faceted cultural heritage


Culture is what makes us different, but can it also be what connects us? Discover how European cultural heritage unites us, from countryside to city, from old to new, from past to future

The sound of us

Seven creators take you on a journey into the sounds of Europe

Old crafts, new tricks

Find out how cultural heritage inspires a new generation of YouTube creators

European art like you've never seen it before 🎨

Zoom in and discover the details of Europe's most remarkable masterpieces

Inside Europe's most iconic museums

Europe's greatest exhibitions, just one click away

Amazing architecture and historic sites

From English countryside estates to German castles

The culture we wear

A look in the past and present of Europe's fashion

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Step on stage

From theatre to music hall, explore these rarely seen sites in 360˚

Our partners across Europe

Museums, art galleries, associations and more

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