Our Solar System

A 3D adventure through our cosmic neighborhood with NASA

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View planets in real size in front of you using Augmented Reality

Start at the heart

The sun at the center of it all

First stop... Mercury

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The smallest planet in the Solar System and the closest to the Sun

Earth's toxic twin

Explore Venus, the second planet in the solar system

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Take the Earth's twin for a spin

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Our home in the stars

Hold our planet in the palm of your hand

Try a Planetary Puzzle

Play this puzzle of our planet from space

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The Space Station in 3D

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Over the Moon in 3D

Next stop: the red planet

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Our closest cosmic neighbor

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The Mars Perseverance Rover

Explore it in 3D

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Jupiter: the Gas Giant

Take a ring around the "Ringed Planet"

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Saturn in 3D