The Expedition

The historical details of the First World Tour.

Retrace the route

Follow the steps of the expedition in this interactive map

The Route of Magellan and Elcano (1519–1522)

Travelling used to be very different without the speed and convenience of airplanes...

How long did the first circumnavigation of the world take?
Almost 3 years
The expedition route

Juan Sebastián Elcano

Discover the epic story of the Basque sailor who proved that the world was round.

“To drown in the abyss-heaven or hell, who cares? Through the unknown, we'll find the new...”Charles Baudelaire

A pinch of clove and nutmeg

Learn how the spices motivated maritime voyages to undiscovered lands

Why Were Spices So Important?

Imagine what supper would be like without any seasoning...

Hit the deck of the Nao Victoria

Take a tour of the only ship that returned to Sevilla

Pushing the boats out

Join the illustrator Arturo Redondo on a journey around the departure ports

“Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for”.Constantine Peter Cavafy

The women left behind

Women remained at home while the men set off in search of new lands

Enter the archives

Go straight to the source of historical knowledge

How a 16th-Century Document Gets Restored

Restoring the "Letter From Gonzalo Gómez de Espinosa to Carlos I of Spain"

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