The Invisible Forest

Kelp: one of the most magical ecosystems isn't on land

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Meet the kelp forest community

Did you know? Kelp forests cover 1/3 of the world's coastlines

The Great Southern Reef

Australia boasts the world's largest, continuous kelp forest with more than 1,500 species of seaweed including golden, bull and giant kelp!

California, U.S.A

As the birthplace of modern kelp restoration in the English-speaking world, California has more kelp scientists than anywhere else.

United Kingdom

If the British Isles were a castle, kelp would be their moat! Kelp surrounds the islands and hosts a diversity of marine life.

North Japan and Korea

These seafood-loving countries lead the largest, most ambitious, kelp restoration projects on the planet - more than the rest of the world combined.


The Giant Kelp forests off the south coast of Chile and Argentina are so large you can see them from space!

Where can you find kelp?

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Did you know? The Great Southern Reef is the largest continuous kelp forest

A biodiversity hotspot

From Sea Lions To Sea Dragons

Almost 80% of species are found nowhere else

Did you know? Kelp is a sea vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants