The Khipu Keepers

Explore the undeciphered writing of the Incas

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MALI, Museo de Arte de Lima

A Language Hanging by a Thread

History of Khipus and Empires Undeciphered

Anthropologist Sabine Hyland examines Khipus throughout history

"This exhibition voices the instrumental role Khipus played in the expansion of the Inca Empire, and its survival in the periods that followed, up to the present day."Cecilia Pardo, Curator of the Khipus: Our History in Knots Exhibition

In-Khipu Tours

Dive into the different Khipus from differents time periods

What it Takes to Conserve a Khipu

Conservation of the khipus from the Temple Radicati Collection

A rare collection from the National University of San Marcos

Along the Inca Trail

The most visited site in Peru

Travel to the Ancient World

Explore Machu Picchu

Explore art, culture and history from Machu Picchu.

Un viaje al mundo antiguo

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