Lee Ungno: The Artist Who Never Stopped

A new look at the life and work of the pioneering Korean artist with the Lee Ungno Museum

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Lee Ungno Museum

"Not being able to paint is like dying."- Lee Ungno

Ungno's greatest artworks

A guide to the different creative periods in his career

18 Masterpieces That Show Ungno's Style

A journey of artistic discovery

Lee Ungno Through Time

What's your favorite period?

Turn Your Photos into Lee Ungno Style Artworks

Take a photo and transform it with Art Transfer

Art from everything

Ungno made art from any material he could get his hands on

Lee Ungno In Your Living Room

See actual-size artworks in augmented reality right in front of you

The Colors of Lee Ungno

From oriental green to energetic red

"My painting has changed a great deal since I started painting people. People poured into paintings. I immersed myself in painting people for the last decade of my life..."- Lee Ungno

The people series

Feel the force and movement of his ink figures

A Closer Look At The Characters

Zoom into the different postures and movements

From Korea to Europe

A timeline of Lee Ungno's extraordinary life

A Virtual Tour of Lee Ungno's Europe

Follow in his footsteps to Germany, Switzerland and France