Opening a Feminist Archive

Rediscovering Carla Lonzi's radical work through her collection of documents

Her archive

From images of life to radical texts

A Radical Life

Discover the life and works of Carla Lonzi through her personal photos and writing

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"Who said that ideology is my adventure? Adventure and Ideology are incompatible. I am my own adventure. "Carla Lonzi - I say I, Female Revolt

Let's get the party started

Looking back at the Women Out Of Joint workshops, a project dedicated to Carla Lonzi

Learning from the past to define the future

Examining and elaborating on Carla Lonzi's provocative essay 'Let's Spit on Hegel'

After Hegel, Who Are We Going to Spit On?

Carla Lonzi's most irreverent text questions feminism

Seeing ourselves

How Carla Lonzi's Autorittrato (self-portrait) invites us to express ourselves

Keep going

The third open call by the National Gallery inspired by the work of Carla Lonzi

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