Fantastic Life of Pandas

A panda a day, keeps the sorrow away

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Spot giant pandas and more at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Not all pandas look the same

How Experts Identify Giant Pandas

5 tips for recognizing pandas at first glance

Name the pandas you just saw

Now are you able to recognize some of them?

The original owner of the name 'panda'

Do you know that the name 'panda' wasn't given to the black-and-white bear at first?

When was the red panda first discovered and described?
Clue: read the story above to find out
Red Panda with Smily Face

Sometimes they are chill...

As if nothing is urgent in a panda's world

... other times they can be Kung Fu masters

Agile pandas that you've probably never expected

Giant Panda's Secret Workout Plan

Why are giant pandas so flexible with such a big body?

Life is not always black and white

Colorful artworks inspired by giant pandas

Paint Your Own Panda With Unusual Color Combinations

Reimagine this cute animal in your favorite colors

Pandas through the seasons

Guess What the Giant Panda's Favorite Season Is

How many hours a day does an adult giant panda spend eating?
12 to 16

Follow their vegan diet

Have a healthy diet together with pandas

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