Artistic Creation Inspired by Giant Pandas

Oriental Fairy Tale by Zhang QikaiiPanda

On August 17, 2018, China’s first Panda International Art Center was officially opened at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to promote the creation and exchange of panda culture and art. Panda-themed artworks by a dozen of distinguished artists are exhibited here.

Scroll on to enjoy some amazing works displayed here and get inspired together!

Blue-and-White Porcelain • Heavy Snow by Xie GanghuaiPanda

The series of panda-themed oil painting entitled Blue-and-White Porcelain is created by Xie Ganghua.

Blue-and-White Porcelain • The Legend of Qin by Xie GanghuaiPanda

Artist Xie Ganghua from Sichuan, China is the creator of blue and white porcelain oil painting. 

Blue-and-White Porcelain • Eating Sweet Dumplings by Xie GanghuaiPanda

The giant pandas he depicts are both lifelike and full of character, using oil paint in the traditional blue and white colors. 

The Proven Fairytale by Zhang QikaiiPanda

German-Chinese artist and critic Zhang Qikai creates panda-themed paintings in a surrealist style. 

Elegant Migration by Zhang QikaiiPanda

His works place giant pandas in different fantastic scenes so that they can have an ‘adventure in wonderland’. 

Eating Air by Zhang QikaiiPanda

This panda-themed cast copper sculpture created by Zhang Qikai is entitled Eating Air.

Leisure by Wang ShenyongiPanda

Artist Wang Shenyong from Sichuan, China specializes in traditional Chinese realistic painting. 

Scaling New Heights by Wang ShenyongiPanda

The giant pandas he depicts present the fine details to the fullest. 

Harmony and Happiness by Wang ShenyongiPanda

The animals come to life in his portrayal, looking delicate and attractive. 

Bosom Friends#1 by Wu ChangjiangiPanda

Artist Wu Changjiang from Sichuan, China focuses on painting giant pandas and created Bosom Friends series panda-themed oil painting.

Bosom Friends#2 by Wu ChangjiangiPanda

With the lifelike image of giant pandas, he presents the harmonious beauty of symbiosis between man and nature, and shows the humanistic charm of the giant panda’s hometown.

Panda Family#1 by Mi JinmingiPanda

Artist Mi Jinming from Sichuan, China integrates the concept of traditional Chinese painting into the techniques of expression of western contemporary art. 

Panda Family#2 by Mi JinmingiPanda

The giant pandas he depicts are put in a unique context; it looks as if the pandas have moved from the bamboo forest to the seaside. 

Panda Family#3 by Mi JinmingiPanda

This panda-themed ink-wash painting on paper is a work of his Panda Family series. 

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