Portugal: Art and Heritage

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National Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu do ChiadoMuseu Nacional de Machado de CastroNational Azulejo MuseumMNAA National Museum of Ancient ArtNational Coach MuseumJerónimos MonasteryBatalha MonasteryNational Palace of Ajuda
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Welcome to Portugal

Wise is he who enjoys all the shows of the worldFernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet, writer, and literary critic

Out on the tiles

A look at Portugal's iconic ceramics

Fit for a Queen

The collections of Portugal's Royal Family

Traveling in style

Royal coaches and carriages

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History makers and barrier breakers

Meet the posthumous Queen

How Inês de Castro was crowned after her death

Learn more about the people of Portugal

Monasteries and monuments

Explore Portugal's incredible architecture

Take a virtual tour

Step inside some of Portugal most famous buildings in 360°

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An unusual celebrity

A visitor that no one expected in the 16th century

Learn more about the architecture of Portugal

Portuguese masterpieces in detail

A guided tour of the main paintings

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Zoom into modern artworks

Discover the tiny details and brushstrokes, up close

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Spotlight on: Grão Vasco

Take a guided tour around the artist's most iconic works

Learn more about paintings from Portugal

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