The Flavors

The markets and makers

Dough delicacies

So you think you know bread...

Keeping it sweet

The historic and modern role of honey in Russia

Desserts with a side of design

Sweet treats that look as good as they taste

What kind of dessert this dish reminds you?
Napoleon cake
Napoleon cake (Rustourism)
Did you know? In 19th century Russia it was considered a matter of prestige to have a drink variety in your cellar that began with every letter of the alphabet

For the locavore

How changing food habits led to a new way of shopping

Discover Danilovsky Market

The food hub where the old school meets the modern age

Did you know? Turnips were Russia's main root vegetable until Tsar Peter I introduced potatoes. At first people didn't know how to eat them so ladies decorated their hair with purple potato flowers
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