Come Chop Bellefull: A Taste of Nigeria

The iconic dishes, must-visit markets, and unforgettable flavors

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The Centenary Project
"Food in any culture is never just about filling stomachs. It is about love affairs and pleasure and passion; about textures and aroma; about cultural identity"- Yẹ́misí Aríbisálà

Make we chop / Let's go eat

How to pile your plate

A look at classic Nigerian dishes you need to try

"Many Nigerians prefer the taste of food prepared with pots and firewood. The meals gain a unique flavour by the smoke emitting from the firewood."- The Centenary Project

Don't try it at home, try it on the streets

"There are scientific claims that fingers have powerful nerve receptors linked to the digestive system so handling your food releases digestive juices and enzymes that enhances the meal."- Yẹ́misí Aríbisálà

Remember to use your hands

Where to get the best ingredients

Experience the 24 hour hustle and bustle of Nigeria's most famous markets

The spice of life, from Lagos to London

The party don't start til jollof walks in

The ultimate dish for any social occasion

"The most popular lunch staples include rice (jollof or fried or white or ọ̀fadà) with a choice of soup or stew, and fried plantain or beans, or both. Or you can have boiled yam with eggs — a meal that works for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner."- Kọ́la Túbọ̀sún

A peppersoup a day keeps the doctor away

The superpower soups packed with fiery peppers, nutritions and healing benefits

The meat of the matter

The protein that packs a punch

"Nigerians love meat. For many, no meal is complete if it doesn't include some kind of meat, whether cow, chicken or bushmeat."- The Centenary Project

Yam is food and food is yam

Celebrating roots and tubers in all their glory

Spilling the beans on moi-moi

How to blend it right

Wash it all down

The best Nigerian thirst quenchers

And when it's time for a snack...

Hungry for more?

Start cooking and sharing

Learn more about arts and culture in Nigeria