Unamuno: A Timeless Writer

Miguel de Unamuno, the Spanish intellectual who inspired a generation

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Unamuno House-Museum, Salamanca UniversityUniversidad de Salamanca

Unamuno the storyteller

An exceptionally talented author

Unamuno on the International Stage

Find out how his work has been celebrated all over the world

"You will win, but you will not convince. You will win, because you possess more than enough brute force, but you will not convince, because to convince means to persuade."Miguel de Unamuno - October 12, 1936

Unamuno up close

The intimate details of Miguel de Unamuno's life

Deep Affections

Meet Unamuno's large family

"Forest of stones that was wrested by history from the very womb of the maternal earth, enclave filled with tranquility, I bless you, my Salamanca!"Miguel de Unamuno