The Cultural Heart of the Ruhr Area

Zollverein – UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol of change

UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein

A Place of Change

Hundreds of mines in the Ruhr region produced coal, but UNESCO designated only one as a World Heritage Site: the huge industrial complex of the Zollverein coal mine and coking plant is a technical and aesthetic masterpiece of mining architecture, but also a place of modernity and of transformation.

Unique Industrial Architecture

Bauhaus, New Objectivity, symmetry ̶ Zollverein architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer created “the most beautiful colliery in the world”.

World Heritage Site Undergoing Change

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Favorite places

A walk across the World Heritage Site with Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Noll, Chairman of the Board of Zollverein Foundation


Explore the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site from the air

How Art Can Transform a Place

Lasting Impressions

Slag Heap or Swimming Pool? How Art Works at Zollverein

The World Heritage Site is a place of inspiration

How tall is the Twin Pithead of Zeche Zollverein?
55 meters
The 55 meters tall Twin Pithead Frame of Zeche Zollverein

Is the Ruhr Area Grey?

Experience the transformation of an entire region at Zollverein

Everything is so colourful here

Art and culture at Zollverein

The Ruhr Museum

Time travel through the history of the Ruhr area

Favourite Pieces

Prof. Heinrich Theodor Grütter, Director of the Ruhr Museum, shows special exhibits from the permanent exhibition.

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6,000 exhibits in a spectacular industrial setting