Art Déco Paintings and Posters in Masovian Museum in Płock

The visuals presented at the exhibition reflect various trends of the Art Deco epoch and relate to various aspects of the life of the emerging Second Polish Republic.

Masovian Museum in Płock

Gdynia- new port on the Baltic Sea (20th Century) by Stefan Norblin, Label: Zaklad Graficzny "Bibljoteka Polska" w BydgoszczyMasovian Museum in Płock


In the 1920s, at the request of the Ministry of Transport, Stefan Norblin designed a series of posters aimed at promoting Poland in Europe - incl. Warsaw, Toruń and Lviv. This poster shows the newly created port in Gdynia.

Stefan Norblin

Poster "Zakopane" (20th Century) by Stefan Norblin, Label: Zakład Litografii Artystycznej Główczewskich w WarszawieMasovian Museum in Płock


In the 1920s, Stefan Norblin was commissioned by the Ministry of Transport to design a series of posters aimed at promoting Poland in Europe. 

Stefan Norblin 

On the poster promoting Zakopane, the artist placed a highlander in a traditional folk costume.

Stefan Norblin 

Godess Hathor (20th Century) by Edward OkuńMasovian Museum in Płock


Edward Okuń decided to paint the goddess Hathor. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, she was the goddess of heaven.

Edward Okuń
"Goddes Hathor"

With time, she became the goddess of love, dance, music and joy, and the protector of women.

Edward Okuń
"Goddes Hathor"

Salacity (20th Century) by Adam StykaMasovian Museum in Płock


The painting was created by a World War I veteran, taking part in the Battle of Verdun, Adam Styka. In his works, you can find themes from trips to Morocco, Algiers, Egypt and Tunis. 

Adam Styka 

Portrait of prof. Jan Stanisław Bystroń (20th Century) by Leon ChwistekMasovian Museum in Płock

Portrait of Jan Stanisław Bystroń

Leon Chwistek portrayed Jan Stanisław Bystroń, a Polish sociologist and ethnographer, who focused his research on folklore and Polish culture.  Bystroń was a member of Scientific Societies in Warsaw and Lviv. 

Leon Chwistek
"Portrait of Jan Stanisław Bystroń"

Still Nature (20th Century) by Tamara ŁempickaMasovian Museum in Płock

Still Nature

Tamara Łempicka's paintings are sold at foreign auctions for huge amounts, and the collectors of her works include Madonna or Jack Nicholson. The "Still Nature" is one of the two paintings in Polish museum collections.

Tamara Łempicka 
"Still Nature"

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