Art Déco Ceramics of the Masovian Museum in Płock

The rich collection of ceramics in the Masovian Museum in Płock consists of products from the best Polish and foreign companies, including Rosethal and the native Ćmielów.

Rudolph Valentino and Vilma Banky (20th Century) by Label: Royal DuxMasovian Museum in Płock

Rudolph Valentino and Vilma Banky

The figure shows the star of the interwar cinema Rudolph Valentino and actress Vilma Banky playing the roles of Ahmed and Yasmin. They were the characters of the American silent film "Son of the Sheikh" based on the novel by E.M. Hull. 

Woman with a greyhound (1 poł. XX wieku) by Label: W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik Oeslau und WilhelmsfeldMasovian Museum in Płock

Woman with a greyhound

The craze for short hair fell on the 1920s. The hairdresser who promoted the "tomboy" haircut in 1909 was Antoni Cierplikowski - he invented it for the actress Ève Lavallière. Antoine combed, among others, Mata Hari, Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker. 

Dancer (20th Century) by Dorothea Charol Label: RosenthalMasovian Museum in Płock


 The "Dancer" was designed by Dorothea Charol, an artist who made portrait busts, acts and life-size figures. For Rosenthal, she designed an edition of dancers based on the stories "Tales from a Thousand and One Nights". 

Woman with a dove (20th Century) by Gerhard Schliepstein Label: RosenthalMasovian Museum in Płock

Woman with a dove

Gerhard Schliepstein was a German sculptor and porcelain designer working in the art deco style. He worked mainly in porcelain, bronze and alabaster. This figure was made in Rosenthal factory. 

Diana with a doe (20th Century) by Label: Porzellanfabrik Dressel, Kister & Cie,Masovian Museum in Płock

Diana with a doe

The lady's outfit is very interesting - on her head she has a hat with a large brim, a scarf over her shoulder, a loose shirt and trousers. Diana and the doe are surrounded by plants and a small tree. The figurine is covered with white glaze.

Skier (20th Century) by Józef Szewczyk Label: ĆmielówMasovian Museum in Płock


This figure was designed by Józef Szewczyk, a Tadeusz Szafran's student.  The artist was employed in the Ćmielów factory in 1936, and his most famous work is "Skier", designed for the World Championships of the International Federation (FIS) in Zakopane.

Decorative plate (20th Century) by designer: Tadeusz Szafran label: Zakłady Porcelany i Porcelitu w ChodzieżyMasovian Museum in Płock

Decorative plate by Tadeusz Szafran

Tadeusz Szafran collaborated with Kazimierz Witkiewicz, they developed a technique of decorating ceramic products with the art of batik. They were awarded for it at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Contemporary Industry.

Bomboniera (20th Century) by Fritz Klee, Label: HutschenreutherMasovian Museum in Płock


This is "Bomboniera" designed by Fritz Klee. The artist was a German porcelain designer, founder and professor of the Staatlichen Porzellanfachschule Selb (Selb porcelain school).

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