The accident

One of the very few times Frida recreated the accident that changed her life is this drawing.

Accident, September 17, 1926 (1926) by Frida KahloMuseo Dolores Olmedo

On 17 September 1925 Frida was riding a bus to Coyoacán, back to her house after Preparatory School. One year after the accident she did this drawing.

Frida remembered the accident as follows: A little while after boarding the bus, the collision began. Before that we had taken another bus, but since I had lost a little parasol, we got off to look for it. That was how we got on the bus that broke me.

The accident took place on a corner in front of the San Lucas market, exactly in front. The streetcar went slowly, but our bus driver was a very nervous young man. When the trolley car went around the corner the bus was pushed against the wall.

I was an intelligent young girl, but impractical, in spite of all the freedom I had won. Perhaps for this reason, I did not assess the situation nor did I guess the kind of wounds I had.

The first thing I thought of was a balero [a Mexican toy] with pretty colors, which I had bought that day and carrying with me. I tried to look for it, thinking that what had happened would not have major consequences.

It is a lie that one is aware of the crash, a lie that one cries. There were no tears in me. The crash bounced us forward and a handrail went right through me, the way a sword pierces a bull.

A man saw me having a tremendous hemorrhage. He carried me and put me on a billiard table until the Red Cross came for me.

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