Wonders of Mexico

Discover Mexico's ancient heritage, top museums, iconic artists and unique landscapes

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Museo Soumaya.Fundación Carlos SlimMuseo Nacional de Antropología, MéxicoMuseo Frida KahloMuseo Dolores OlmedoMuseo Nacional de ArteArchivo General de la Nación - México
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Color your way through famous Mexican paintings

A Mexican puzzle party

Get together with your friends and family to piece together a famous artwork

Welcome to Mexico

Discover some of Mexico's most stunning locations

A Whistle-Stop Tour

The cities, regions, and archaeological sites that make Mexico

Explore over 100 more sites in Street View

Exploring the Maya World

A journey into the past with ancient art and digital technology

Skulls, marigolds, and more...

The tradition of building an ofrenda

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Explore over 30 collections

Zoom in to Mexican masterpieces

See the vibrant brushstrokes, up close

Explore the colors of Mexico

Deep reds, lush greens, and vibrant blues

Find Out How Mexican Artists See Themselves

Explore the self-portraits

How many Frida's self-portraits have a monkey?
It's a spider monkey!

Look and listen

Discover more about Frida Kahlo and her work to music

The Golden Age of Cinema

Discover the icons and the splendor of the era

The Black and White World of Mexico's Cinema

Photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo was enraptured by moving images and the cinema industry

Spend some time at the cinema

Explore the most popular cinema in Mexico

Posters of the Seventh Art

The history of Mexico's movie poster industry

How many people live in Mexico City?
21.5 million people
Mexico City is the fifth largest metropolis in the world

The drama of volcanoes

How Mexico's dramatic landscape has inspired artists across the ages