#100esperte describe the pandemic

A deep dive into the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes and words of a biologist, a psychiatrist and a computer expert

Dott.ssa Maria Caramelli (2021)Fondazione Bracco

Maria Caramelli - Part 1

Maria Caramelli

Director of the Department of Neuroscience and National Centre for the BSE of the Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta Zooprophylactic Institute

Maria Caramelli - Part 2

The control of animal illnesses transmissible to man is the key for the prevention of future epidemics.

Covid has brought us hard up against a reality we have long known: 70% of emerging human infectious diseases in the past 30 years come from animal infections. So controlling animal diseases that can be transmitted to man is today the key to preventing future epidemics

Dott.ssa Liliana Dell’Osso (2021)Fondazione Bracco

Liliana Dell’Osso - Part 1

Liliana Dell'Osso

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pisa, Director of the Psychiatry Care Unit of the University Hospital of Pisa, President of the Italian College of University Professors of Psychiatry

Liliana Dell’Osso - Part 2

The pandemic can be considered an in vivo experiment in mass psychopathology.

The pandemic has undermined the mental health of individuals and the stability of the community causing a generalised increase in post-traumatic stress disturbance. Mass vaccination should be considered one of the most important instruments for resilience both for health and infection and also for mental health.

Prof.ssa Elena Ferrari (2021)Fondazione Bracco

Elena Ferrari - Part 1

Elena Ferrari

Full professor of Computer Science at the University of Insubria in Varese.

Elena Ferrari - Part 2

The dilemma between privacy and the use of applications needed to contrast Covid 19.

Worries about privacy are legitimate but informatics has taken giant strides and so today it is “technically” possible to have both privacy and the usage of data in multiple scenarios, aiming for an increasingly decentralised information management model.

#100esperte is an online platform that includes names and CVs of female experts, research instruments of competent sources for the media and a resource of authoritative voices that can intervene in public debate. The project was conceived by the Pavia Observatory and the Journalists’ Association GiULiA, developed with Bracco Foundation thanks to the support of the European Commission, Italian representative.

Bracco Foundation also created the photographic exhibition “Life as a scientist – The faces of "100 female experts" project, a series of portraits to help overcome prejudices in scientific practice.

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