Canecão Wall Painting

"Canecão" area (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Rio de Janeiro

Opened in 1967, the Canecão hosted presentations of great names of Brazilian music and some historical performances as the return of Raul Seixas and Cazuza just before he died.

Ziraldo in the production of "Canecão" mural (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

The Wall

Inspired by the traits of painters such as Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari, Ziraldo created over six months of work a mural in Canecão, the main concert hall of Rio de Janeiro for many years.

"Canecão" mural (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Ziraldo in the production of "Canecão" mural (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Ziraldo and friends in "Canecão" mural (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Critical Target

A "Last Supper" watered with beer in a Carioca scene. At the time, in 1967, in the military regime, the work was criticized and considered transgressive.

Ziraldo painting the Canecão Wall

Balcony in "Canecão". (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Brasilian vision

"It has Noah's Ark with animals, it has the Arcos da Lapa, it has he view of the pope to Rio de Janeiro. It has the locals coming to the party, swinging. It has the guy celebrating at the bar table. It has the guy drunk, the guy giving cachaça to the saint. There's a whole Brazilian vision of the act of drinking. No one eating. They are all celebrating. It has a lot of toasts", says Ziraldo.

"Canecão" Mural Art (1967) by ZiraldoZiraldo


Considered one of the largest murals works of the country, with 32 meters wide and 6 meters high, the panel is one of the masterpieces of Ziraldo.

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Ziraldo Institute, 2016.

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