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The history of children's books of Ziraldo.

The class of Pererê (1959) by ZiraldoZiraldo

It all started with comics

The Pererê was a serie of stories in Brazilian comic cartoons published firstly in 1959 in the pages of O Cruzeiro.

Flicts (1969) by ZiraldoZiraldo


In 1969 Ziraldo published his first children's book, Flicts, who won fans worldwide. Flicts was published in many languages.

Little yellow riding hood - Chico Buarque and Ziraldo (1979) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Chapeuzinho Amarelo

Chapeuzinho Amarelo is a beautiful girl who suffers from a terrible evil - afraid of fear. Facing the unknown, "the wolf", she overcomes fears, insecurities and discover the joy of living.

The nutty boy (1980) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Nutty Boy

From 1979 Ziraldo focused on the production of children's books, and in 1980 he launched The Nutty Boy, one of the biggest publishing phenomenon of the literary history in Brazil.

It presents the stories and inventions of a cheerful child and mischievous, the Nutty Boy. They are cartoons and activities that lyrically describe the taste of childhood.

The little worm (1982) by ZiraldoZiraldo

The book "O bichinho da maçã"

Once upon a time, a very red apple. And an animal that lived in it. He was the most cheerful bug in the world and loved to tell jokes.

The fable of the three colors (1985) by ZiraldoZiraldo


As a children's books author, illustrator and cartoonist, Ziraldo is one of the most prominent personalities of the Brazilian culture.

This book makes the reader to discover their land and their way of loving her. The union of these three colors form Brazil.

The boy of small squares (1989) by ZiraldoZiraldo

The boy quadradinho

The story of a boy who is delighted by the comic book and is engulfed by it through its colors, mysteries, heroes and characters.

The nutty Teacher (1995) by ZiraldoZiraldo

The Nutty Teacher

This book tells the story of a teacher who had a whole way for her to understand the world and also a very different way to show it to the boys and girls from a school, teaching them to be happier.

The boy of river "Rio Doce" (1996) by ZiraldoZiraldo

More than 180 titles

The work of Ziraldo comprises more than 180 titles for children and young people, in addition to publications for adults.

In language that is poetry and also prose Ziraldo describes the lives of two characters, a boy and a river.

The boy and his friend (2003) by ZiraldoZiraldo

The boy and his grandfather

Ziraldo reveals the life with his grandfather, the patriarch that we would all like to have.

The girl "Nina" (2005) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Nina Girl

The author probe the mysteries of life and death with a careful and simple language. By this way he can speak of the pain of a delicate way and full of hope.

His work includes more than 180 titles for children and young people, in addition to publications for adults.

The purple planet (2005) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Many languages

With books translated into several languages (including Catalan and Hebrew) Ziraldo represents the talent and the Brazilian humor in the world.

A bug so tiny that he could not be seen even with a magnifying glass. He wanted to know something more than their drab purple planet.

Vito Grandam: a history of flight (2011) by ZiraldoZiraldo

Vito Grandam

The story of two inseparable friends who live an adventure at the same time real and imaginary. A hang-gliding accident involving his uncle with his nephew review all his life and the consequent admiration for Uncle Victor, the big one.

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