Rainforest Biome

The largest rainforest in captivity

By Eden Project

Canopy Rope Bridge, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Steve TannerEden Project

Home to over 1,200 species and cultivars of plant, the Eden Project's Rainforest Biome recreates four of the world's areas of rainforest: Tropical Islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tropical South America.

Lookout, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Hufton+CrowEden Project

High above the tree canopy at the top of the tallest dome, visitors can climb up the Lookout Platform, where they can see across the entire Rainforest Biome.

Santa Cruz water lily, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

A waterfall, fed by recycled rainwater, crashes through the Biome, past a pond where enormous Santa Cruz water lilypads float.

Cloud Bridge, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Chris WaseyEden Project

Amid the swirling vapours of the Cloud Bridge, visitors get a sense of how rainforests reflect sunlight and help cool the planet.

Malaysian hut, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Deep in the Rainforest Biome, this authentic south-east Asian home and vegetable garden or kebun can be found. The contemporary Malaysian home garden provides year-round food, including star fruit, yardlong beans and pak choi.

Roul rouls, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

A small flock of roul-roul partridges lives in the Rainforest Biome.

Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Spectacular lighting is sometimes installed in the Rainforest Biome for seasonal events.

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