5 of the World's Quirkiest Museums

See some of the weirdest displays on Earth

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Mexico, Guanajuato, dense residential area, elevated view (2005-09-17) by Jeremy WoodhouseGetty Images

The Museum of the Mummies, Guanajuato, Mexico

The Mummies of Guanajuato were victims of a cholera outbreak that ravaged the city in 1833. When a ‘perpetual burial’ fee was introduced in 1870, many of these poor souls were disinterred and the best-preserved put in storage. 

Detail of "Los grandes del Cine de Oro Mexicano" Day of the Dead Offering (2005) by Museo Dolores OlmedoMuseo Dolores Olmedo

In the early 1900s, tourists started visiting the mummies and in 1969, the Museum of the Mummies was created. Today, there are 59 bodies on display. The mummies form an important part of Mexican culture, particularly around the Day of the Dead. 

cup noodleOsaka Gastronomy and Culture

Cup Noodles Museum, Osaka, Japan

The Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka tells the story of Japan’s love affair with the instant noodle. The museum is packed full of fascinating exhibitions, allowing you to learn about every aspect of instant noodle manufacture and consumption. 

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Hashiage (Picking up Noodles with Chopsticks) (2019)Original Source: Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

Learn to make your own ramen, create a unique cup noodle all of your own and test your noodle knowledge with a specially themed quiz. The museum is open every day apart from Tuesday and admission costs 800 yen. 

By Albert FennLIFE Photo Collection

The German Food Additives Museum, Hamburg

Located in a wholesale market in Hamburg’s industrial harbour area, The German Food Additives Museum, or Deutsches Zusatzstoffmuseum, is definitely one of the world’s weirder places. 

[Sample page from Brandle & Smith Co. candy catalog] (c. 1915) by Schadde BrothersThe Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The museum is home to many of the emulsifiers, stabilisers, dyes, thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives and flavorings that are contained in our processed foods. Visitors to the museum can find out all about E-numbers and get an insight into what really goes into our stomachs.

By Wallace KirklandLIFE Photo Collection

The Doll Hospital, Lisbon

If the idea of a room full of disembodied legs, arms and heads gives you the Heebie-Jeebies, you might want to give Lisbon’s Doll Hospital a miss. Located in the heart of the Portuguese capital, the Doll Museum treats injured toys from around the world. 

By Eliot ElisofonLIFE Photo Collection

Visitors to the museum can see their dolls resurrected and learn about the work these expert toy physicians do. The museum is open to visitors Monday to Saturday throughout the year. Entry costs €2,00 per person. 

Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, Cancun, Mexico

There aren’t many museums that require tourists to get their swimwear on before they visit, but the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art is one of them. The museum has created a unique underwater sculpture display that’s best appreciated by scuba diving or snorkelling.

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