The Francis Crick Institute

The Crick is a new biomedical discovery institute in the heart of London, dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease.

By Francis Crick Institute

Snapshot of scientists at work in the Francis Crick InstituteFrancis Crick Institute

As the largest biomedical research institute in Europe under one roof, we’re home to 1500 pioneering scientists and support staff. They collaborate across disciplines to try and understand the fundamental biology underlying health and disease.

Inside the CrickFrancis Crick Institute

Our research helps to understand why disease develops and to find new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat a range of illnesses − such as cancer, heart disease and stroke, infections and neurodegenerative diseases.

Future science leaders by Thomas Angus, Imperial College LondonFrancis Crick Institute

We explore opportunities for new and improved therapies, diagnosis and prevention strategies.

For instance, one lab creates mini organs, called ‘organoids’, to study colon cancer in the hope of finding better treatments...

Inside the Crick: OrganoidsFrancis Crick Institute

Life in a Crick labFrancis Crick Institute

Crick scientists are passionate about their work and the benefits it can bring to people's health, the economy and society.

Inside the Crick: YeastFrancis Crick Institute

Meet a scientist at a Crick Discovery DayFrancis Crick Institute

We also aim to engage the public with our research, to demonstrate why science matters and inspire future science leaders.

Crick Late: DiscoveryFrancis Crick Institute

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