Ten Magnificent Landscapes by Ren Xiong

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By The Palace Museum

Ten Magnificent Landscapes Ten Magnificent Landscapes by Ren Xiong (1823-1857)The Palace Museum

Ten Magnificent Landscapes

This set of paintings was executed by the aforementioned Qing painting master Ren Xiong. The title of each painting includes the Chinese character for ten-thousand (wan). 

The album includes the following works: Building with Ten-thousand Poetry Scrolls, Ten-thousand Lotus, Ten-thousand Snowy Mountains, Ten-thousand Precipitous Peaks, Ten-thousand Bamboo in Clouds and Rain, Green Layers of Ten-thousand Pines, Ten-thousand Autumn Trees, Ten-thousand Torrents, River of Ten-thousand Leagues, and Ten-thousand Branches of Fragrant Snow. 

The paintings depict natural scenes in Suzhou or images from the artist's imagination. 

Ten-thousand Lotus

Ten-thousand Lotus presumably depicts a scene of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The artist uses larger numbers like ten and ten-thousand to emphasize that his paintings comprehensively depict all beautiful scenes under heaven. 

The exquisite brushwork and ingenious compositions contribute to the drama of these images. Meanwhile, the gold-flecked paper highlights the splendor of blue and green in the paintings.

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