Photographs from Ferrarini's Collection

A donated archive

Mario Ferrarini (20th Century) by Studio Gatti Fredy, VeneziaCasa della Musica

What was donated

The Historical Archive of the Teatro Regio di Parma, a section of Historical Archive of Parma, preserves the Ferrarini collection among its various musical and theatrical collections. Mario Ferrarini, (Parma 28 March 1874 - Parma 26 June 1950), lawyer and secretary of the Teatro Regio di Parma from 1898 to 1914, divided his conspicuous collection of lyrical and theatrical documents among various city institutions by bequest. To the Historical Archives of the Teatro Regio he left the collection of vintage theatre photographs and prints, theatre posters of city and non-city theatres, pamphlets, opera booklets, newspapers and periodicals.

Giulio Cesare Ferrarini (19th Century) by Giacomo IsolaCasa della Musica

The episolary bequest

In addition to his collection, he left to the historical archive of the Teatro Regio a collection of letters addressed to him, the epistolary collection of his grandfather Giulio Cesare Ferrarini (Bologna 3 March 1807 - Parma 1 October 1891), conductor and teacher of the Conservatory 

Giulio Ferrarini (19th Century) by AnonimoCasa della Musica

The diaries of his father Giulio Ferrarini (Bologna 19 January 1841-Parma 8 February 1916), secretary of the Theatre Commission since 1869 are also part of the collection.

Marie Delna (19th-20th Century) by Leopold Emile ReutlingerCasa della Musica

The Photographs and Prints division of the Ferrarini collection consists of 3500 pieces including engravings, lithographs, photographs, woodcuts, photoengravings, from the middle of the 19th century to 1950.

Photographs often show characters from the world of opera with stage costumes.

Maria Galliani Maria Galliani (19th Century) by Farina & C.Casa della Musica

Vittoria Falconis (19th Century) by AnonimoCasa della Musica

Enrichetta Weiser (19th Century) by Angiolini & C.Casa della Musica

Full-length or three-quarter portraits

Antonio Magini Coletti (20th Century) by Adolfo ErminiCasa della Musica

There are many photos with autograph dedications to the maestro Giulio Cesare, to Giulio Ferrarini, to Mario Ferrarini or to the Theater Direction.

Palazzo Ducale (circa 1867) by Carlo SaccaniCasa della Musica

There are also portraits of the family and historical photographs of the city of Parma mainly by the photographer Carlo Saccani (active in Parma between 1860 and 1867)

Duomo (circa 1867) by Carlo SaccaniCasa della Musica

Teatro Regio (circa 1867) by Carlo SaccaniCasa della Musica

Barbara Marchisio (circa 1860) by Giacomo IsolaCasa della Musica

Among the photographers in the collection we remember names such as: Giacomo Isola, Luigi Corsini, Baroni e Gardelli

Pietro Marsili Pietro Marsili (circa 1864) by Corsini Luigi & C.Casa della Musica

Giuseppina Bedogni Caruzzi (19th Century) by AnonimoCasa della Musica

The different formats and techniques present tell the evolution of photography from the nineteenth to the twentieth century.

Ginevra Pratolongo (20th Century) by Alberto MontacchiniCasa della Musica

Anita Gattini (circa 1909) by AnonimoCasa della Musica

Enrico Polo (circa 1938) by AnonimoCasa della Musica

Teatro Petrarca (20th Century) by Luigi VaghiCasa della Musica

Many originals are exhibited at the Opera Museum

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