Omnipresent Temptations

Have we learnt from the past?

Temptation of St Anthony (2022) by Lubo KristekResearch Institute of Communication in Art

Many artists throughout the history devoted an artwork to the subject of the temptation of Saint Anthony. In his painting, Lubo Kristek encrypted his vision of current society.

The main character in his oil painting Temptation of St Anthony is attacked by temptations of various kind.

On the horizon, the Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau rises on a rock above the blood-colored lake.

One of the temptations is a flirty woman sitting on a pig. Her face suspiciously resembles one famous portrait (mirror inverted). Is it a phantom? Is it a mask?

A poisonous scorpion-like creature hands Anthony false fruit of knowledge.  To distinguish between information and disinformation is not easy. The mobile-phone-creature looks like a carnivorous plant ready to bite at any moment.

One of the demons with virtual reality widgets invites Saint Anthony to his world. Kristek doesn’t criticise the modern technology itself. He criticises misuse of it. Similarly as the proverb says: ‘Fire is a good servant, but a bad master.’

Fire is also present, in the cave in the background, with the lurking devil.

Kristek’s Temptation of St Anthony is rooted in tradition and focuses on present temptations at the same time.

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