The Rich Symbolism "In the Captivity of the Wordly Cathedral"

A tour around the captivating artwork by Lubo Kristek

In the Captivity of the Wordly Cathedral (2002–2003) by Lubo KristekResearch Institute of Communication in Art

"In the Captivity of the Wordly Cathedral"

A transparent boy with a stem of the phantasy flower instead of a spine and with a flower instead of a brain represents the silhouette of Lubo Kristek in his childhood.

The boy gazes at the landscape and is captured in the worldly cathedral, although the escape route is open. The construction of the cathedral in the landscape full of emptiness is airy but firm.

A numb society is lying on the ground. This is a tableau from Kristek’s happening Pyramidae-Klipteon II (Podhradí nad Dyjí 2002).

The wind forces open the gate and forms an S-shaped vortex. It sucks a blue and white formation...

... and a chair with string from the barbed wire (a reference to Kristek’s assemblage Automatic Trains of Thought – Desk, created in 1975).

The dynamic upheaval culminates in a crown of thorns that has just been removed from a head.

Two birds have found their way to freedom and fly toward the horizon.

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