Rituals / Repetitions

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Students/artists of various departments of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna found a space to give voice to the reactions reported during the lockdown by participating in Google Arts & Culture’s project “Room with a View”.

Una salvezza (2020) by Claudia ZontaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Room with a View

The project has been displayed so as to distinguish the circumstances and the states of mind universally lived during the delicate moment of social distancing. In this series of artistic visions you can feel how the re-discovery of one’s space can bring to a curious epiphany: an emotional spectrum is revealed going from the sensation of intimate belonging to an alien dissociation. In these spaces solitude, but also sharing can become a double-edged sword. The physical segregation becomes also mental constriction: becoming psychonauts is the only cure to break out. Sometimes following rituals can transform the everyday monotony; sometimes the rituals that save us can become monotonous repetitions. Internal/Outsider, Loneliness/Sharing, Evasion/Constriction and Rituals/Repetitions are not only virtual rooms, but dualistic states in which our souls have fluctuated and that are, by now, part of the collective memory of this period. The artworks are presented by captions written by students of the Department of Art Education and Communication. Some of them also have commentary written by the artists.

Untitled (2020) by Mona KaramiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Rituals / Repetitions

A routine to fight boredom or a sad monotony? During quarantine we have witnessed a significant revaluation of the domestic routine as a sort of defensive weapon against boredom, downtime, stress and melancholy. To plan seems to be the only solution able to mark the passing of the days that otherwise would end up being confused and overlapped. In this last, but not least, important section our artists have raised questions on the need to hang on to one’s everyday rituals, to maintain intact an illusion of normalcy, or the need to investigate precisely those intervals, those downtime that we desperately try to avoid.

Balcony On bologna (2020) by Yuxin QinAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Every day the gaze needs to breathe and to go far away.

"Every morning I go to the balcony enjoying the sunshine and breeze."

Epidemic Loneliness (2020) by Umberto BaldacciAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

"A visual meditation on forced loneliness of the quarantine, a set of rituals and habits that go beyond confinement creating a microcosm that pre-existed and continues to exist."

Una salvezza (2020) by Claudia ZontaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Train your fingers with a guitar, every day, sing like a bird in a cage until you create a sonic ritual.

"I've hoped to live my Erasmus in Barcelona differently. Luckily, with my guitar and a window overlooking nothing, I managed to survive this gloomy and unhappy atmosphere."

< CIN ! CIN ! > (2020) by Ruibing CaiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A toast to the moon can become a self-care.

"Don’t forget saying “cheers!” when drinking alone."

Rooms that I view (2020) by Alice Alves Esteves de OliveiraAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Looking out the window every day to watch the outside leads to discover interesting things about the life of those who live near us.

18:00 (2020) by Roberto GuerinoniAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

During the lockdown many flashmob were performed in the homes of Italians to feel more united and close in that difficult period.

Viola (2002) by Daniele FugareseAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

"Setting priorities means organizing ourselves, remembering what is essential for ourselves, what is better to postpone or even let go."

Lemon Granita (2020) by Elisabetta TodiscoAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A lemon tree that grows day after day becomes a silent daily company.

"I spent the quarantine at my home, in the countryside. The lemon tree is so high that the branches break in the window."

Fuori (2020) by Peng RuolingAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The pandemic and the lockdown have changed our habits and our ways of living the spaces of the city.

"Out the window."

A view on our traditional stories (2020) by Federico MaffiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Imagining a different story every day allows the mind to walk while life seems to have stopped.

"When the lockdown blocked the world, the window became a new page of narration on outside life."

In the suffocating forced cohabitation and repetitive lockdown routine, a boy seeks a moment of peace and comfort in the bathroom of his home.

Il ritmo del tempio (2020) by Gabriella PresuttoAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The rhythm of an action opens new visions and gives unprecedented awareness.
Rhythm transforms everyday actions into a ritual.

"I used the temple diagram as a musical score by sulphising and reading the words of the diagram counterclockwise and beating time with the stones."

Untitled (2020) by Mona KaramiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The projections of a sculpture have become a therapeutic repetition.

Innesti (2020) by Olivia TegliaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

This work is dedicated to the repetitiveness of the graphic sign as an attempt to measure the immobility of time and space.

Unique language of vibration of love (2020) by Iryna FalendyshAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The act of creation is a fleeting and timeless moment at once.

"In this period of reflections for everyone, when I look through the window I see the past, present, and future repeating itself in the shadows of Plato's cave."

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“Room with a view”
Academy of Fine Art of Bologna

a project by Department of Communication and education of art
with the Department of Visual Art and the Department of Applied Art

general coordination
Prof. Daniele Campagnoli

selection of artworks

MA degree Art Graphic
Prof.ssa Maria Agata Amato - Coordinator

MA degree Photography
Prof.ssa Paola Binante - Coordinator
Prof.ssa Paola Squizzato, Prof. Davide Tranchina

BA degree Painting / MA degree Painting Visual arts
Prof.ssa Giovanna Caimmi - Coordinator
Prof. Riccardo Arena, Prof. Marco Del Vecchio

BA degree Cinema and video
Prof. Maurizio Finotto - Coordinator

BA degree Comics and illustration / MA degree Comics languages ​​/ MA Illustration for publishing
Prof. Mario Rivelli - Coordinator
Prof. Andrea Bruno, Prof.ssa Maja Celija, Prof. Gianluca Costantini

virtual exhibition designed and created within the workshop
Museum captions. Between curation and mediation
Prof.ssa Ilaria Del Gaudio, Prof.ssa Sabrina Samorì

workshop participants
BA degree Art Education and
MA degree Art Education and Cultural Mediation of the Art Heritage

virtual exhibition finalization
Flavia Fabbri
Arianna Furini
Ayleen Yvonne Liverani

virtual exhibition design
Margherita Bascialla
Fiammetta De Innocentis
Laura De Vito
Flavia Fabbri
Arianna Furini
Jessica Garcia
Roberta Lomeo
Ayleen Yvonne Liverani

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