Evasion / Constriction

Students/artists of various departments of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna found a space to give voice to the reactions reported during the lockdown by participating in Google Arts & Culture’s project “Room with a View”.

Non-street vendor of windows (2020) by Yuyis MorbidoniAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Room with a View

The project has been displayed so as to distinguish the circumstances and the states of mind universally lived during the delicate moment of social distancing. In this series of artistic visions you can feel how the re-discovery of one’s space can bring to a curious epiphany: an emotional spectrum is revealed going from the sensation of intimate belonging to an alien dissociation. In these spaces solitude, but also sharing can become a double-edged sword. The physical segregation becomes also mental constriction: becoming psychonauts is the only cure to break out. Sometimes following rituals can transform the everyday monotony; sometimes the rituals that save us can become monotonous repetitions. Internal/Outsider, Loneliness/Sharing, Evasion/Constriction and Rituals/Repetitions are not only virtual rooms, but dualistic states in which our souls have fluctuated and that are, by now, part of the collective memory of this period. The artworks are presented by captions written by students of the Department of Art Education and Communication. Some of them also have commentary written by the artists.

Room with a view (2020) by Qi WenAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Evasion / Constriction

The lockdown has been an exhausting and burdensome experience, lived by most as an imprisonment. The sensation of being “buried alive” at home, accompanies many of the works displayed in this third section. However the forced reclusion represented, now more than ever, also a fertile ground to develop those instances of freedom and evasion, essential to survive in an overwhelming and angsty reality.

Afternoon Stillness (2020) by Benedetta FalconeAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The artist identified with Alice in Wonderland to escape from a house that had become too narrow.

"This work describes the sensation of when you feel trapped, uncomfortable in your own house. More so in that specific moment when the walls shrink and the outside world seems too far away."

Una vita sola (2020) by Bianca Di LellaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

This work is about the strong sense of melancholy, fear and impotence that afflicted many people during quarantine.

Privazione (Deprivation) (2020) by Denise BiasioloAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Feeling constrained in your own gray room makes you want to escape to the colors of the outside.

"What's outside turned magical and adventurous, and I started looking at it with new eyes, I started to see the world in all of its beautiful colours."

Comprovate necessità (2020) by Saladin FaroudiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A look at all the drastic changes during the lockdown.

Orange zone (2020) by Francesca MarraAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Observing other people’s lives becomes a method of evasion and revelation.

"Looking out onto an inner courtyard is like having a home safari available. Unpredictable human beings reveal their habits to you, and it is as if your gaze gradually tames them."

Hope (2020) by Cosimo BellanovaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A dreamlike vision to escape from a sensation of imprisonment and have the same freedom of the clouds.

"Resigned, with long and messy hair and beard, I observe a road that leads me out of the cloister in the clouds. The negative side is next to me, death, loneliness, frustrations."

Scorci in quarantena 2020 (2020) by Pavlo MykhaylinAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The forced gaze to observe the same subject notices subtle and unexpected changes.

"Everything changes every day, even the monotonous landscape outside your room."

To the sea (2020) by Angelica StefanelliAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The call of the sea makes its way to reach us and flood us.

"A window to the sea in the heart of Bologna."

Room with a view (2020) by Qi WenAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A space perceived as narrow and suffocating day after day.

"My work represents people trapped at home. I represented loneliness, suffering and powerlessness during this period of quarantine."

Metamorfosi (2020) by Mostafa ParsakiaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The ordinary has become extraordinary.

"The photo is part of a photo series called The Metamorphosis inspired by the novel of F. Kafka."

Suspención (2020) by Luca SainzAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

These three works are the result of a conceptual map that starts from the association of accumulated words, deeply felt by the artist.

"I compare this exercise to the formation of an organism that slowly evolves by finding ways and, eventually, its own law to develop itself."

Entropia (2020) by Giorgina Della PortaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Entropy as a measurement of disorder in a space from which you want to escape.

Il fiume rosso (2020) by Giorgia FiorioAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Metaphysical contacts, palpable emotions spread from places that shrink and expand.

"Forms touch each other from afar to feel nostalgia; their diaphragm expands or contracts on the surface-house that generates and projects them elsewhere or here, in the impenetrable root of things."

La Morte ferma il Tempo e indica il Luogo (2020) by Maria Valentina PalmisanoAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

"If there is a way to stop time, it is through death, the time of the corpse is vain and still."

BEHOLD! (2020) by Greta FolgariaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Looking at places where it is impossible to go, drawing them not to let them escape,

"I live in the middle of nowhere, between various difficulties and obligations. So I look out and start drawing to take a break."

Scherzo#5. La Città Comunica Alla Casa (2020) by Donato Di SchienaAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The unconscious appears, the drive to escape is the thin line that divides the interior landscape from the exterior one.

"This work comes from the desire to satisfy the need to escape and reposition myself, but while I was painting my landscape out, something unconditional turned his eyes to an interior landscape."

The Bull (2020) by Gabriele MelegariAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

You can discover shadows and hidden figures from the silence of your room: a game of dark and imaginative areas.

"No matter how my room got up there, I could see the whole city and the countryside, but above all I could see the Bull. He looked extremely melancholic, lost forever among the distant stars."

Train Dreams (2020) by Han LiAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Escape the monotony of everyday life imagining other places, other spaces.

"Outside of my window passes the train every moment, a bunch of people in the train, back and forth like a 100m swim; so it’s not a train anymore but more like a fantastic ocean."

Non-street vendor of windows (2020) by Yuyis MorbidoniAccademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

A cage as a symbol of captivity, a window as a desire to escape.

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