The Secret of Beef Rendang

Discover what makes beef rendang the most popular rendang in the world

By Indonesia Gastronomy Network

Written by Reno Andam Suri (Rendang Traveler)

A plate of Rendang by Reno Andam SuriIndonesia Gastronomy Network

In Minang you will never miss the dish. At times it took 2 days to cook. First day is to get the oil seeps out from the coconut and second day would be adding the beef in. Traditionally Beef Rendang would be cooked over wooden fire. 

Which part of the beef or buffalo meat?

Local Minang majority of cattle would be cow or buffalo. As the cooking process of Rendang takes hours and stirred intensely, it only makes sense to use thighs or knuckles. Some adaptation in Rendang cooking would be implemented when different parts of meat is cooked. 

The most popular Rendang in the world

You can find Beef Rendang in every regular Indonesian food stall. It may look differently and cooked in varied doneness, it will all name the same, Beef Rendang. 

The process of evaporating water and drenching in its own oil would also act as preservation to the dish.

The end result of a perfect Beef Rendang would be beef in the darkened spice blend and sumptuous oil. 

In celebration events, the only Rendang served would be beef Rendang called Samba Godang, with only single protein. 

On day to day Rendang dish, you can find beans added into the Beef Rendang. 

Freshwater Clam and Fern Rendang
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