The School of Narrative Dance, Shenzhen. by Marinella SenatoreTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Inspired by the Generations section at miart 2019, this guide is a tool to navigate visitors through the exhibitions currently on view in Milan. It follows a chronological order and it is based on a socio-cultural perspective. The 5 sections the guide unfolds through allow the  visitors to be able to find what they are looking for in the whole city of Milan, and to discover similarities, differences and influences amongst the various generations of artists, this way going beyond a Eurocentric approach. This section gathers those producers born between 1965 and 1980, and who may be considered as the disillusioned sons of historical social protests. After a period of welfare and stability, uncertainty shows up again.

Garage band and groupies (2019) by Anne RyanTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Spiritual Paintings (2019) by Daniel GonzálezTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

La giostra rossa (2019) by Guido BuganzaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

What Yet Remains (2017) by Sheela GowdaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Art History/Vucciria, (2018) by Tiziana PersTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Sun Gun (2018) by Xu QuTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Marmo con 3274 giorni (2019) by Francesco ArenaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Untitled (2018) by Gal WeinsteinTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Camini (2019) by Andrea SalaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

von (2018) by Ivan SealTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Nuvole (2017) by Elisa FilomenaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Dip (2019) by Marianne VierøTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Light Of The Dark 5 (2006) by Rafal Y. HermanTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Untitled (Cavi) (2019) by Giorgio Andreotta CalòTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Palermo Procession (2018) by Marinella SenatoreTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY


Blue take me to the end of all loves (9) (2019) by Joel AndrianomearisoaTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Il Grande sacrificio (2017) by Lorenzo PuglisiTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Kòra (2012) by Mattia BoscoTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

The cursed village (still) (2017) by Carlos AmoralesTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

TBD (detail) by Jennifer GuidiTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Come costruire una direzione (2018) by Andrea BianconiTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

As you dig inwards (2017) by Hiwa KTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Six degrees of separation (2016) by Zhivago DuncanTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

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