Learn about the Arabica coffee plant, grown in our Rainforest biome.

Coffee, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Today coffee is a leading commodity in world trade. At the other end of the chain, it’s a different story. Beans are still usually picked by hand, labour is high and income low.

Originating in Ethiopia, this plant is cultivated in humid zones and deep, crumbly soil on undulating land in tropical Africa.

Coffee, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Arabica coffee dominates the world market and is regarded by most people as producing the highest quality beans.

The small round fruits contain the beans. They ripen at different times, making coffee production labour-intensive. Using machines increases productivity but reduces the quality of the coffee.

Coffee, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

The drink produced from coffee has been a driving force in history. Starting life in Ethiopia, coffee travelled to the Yemen, took a pilgrimage to Mecca, wound up the whirling dervishes and gave birth to the coffee house in the Middle East. 

By the 1600s coffee and its houses reached Britain and continued to spawn intellect and commerce. Lloyds of London, the Tatler and the Royal Society all started life in coffee houses. Coffee fuelled the industrial age, and is still enjoyed by millions around the world.

Coffee, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Often under 10% of the retail price of this valuable product is earned by the exporting countries. Responsibly sourced coffee is on the increase: what you buy can make a difference to the people who produce the stuff!

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