Pueblan confectionery: the sweet art of the nuns

Puebla's confectionery, sweets that border on sins of gluttony, originated in women's convents and family homes.

Camotes de Santa ClaraCocina Cinco Fuegos

Camotes de Santa Clara (Santa Clara sweet potatoes)

Camotes are exquisite sweets that have made Puebla famous. They were initially made in the Convent of Santa Clara, which gave them their name. Later, they were also made in family homes.

They were so famous that their first recipe appeared in the book <i>Cocinero Mejicano</i> in 1831, with the name <i>Camotitos poblanos</i>.

Chilacayotes, higos y piña cristalizadosCocina Cinco Fuegos

Candied gourds, figs and pineapple

When an entire or chopped piece of fruit is crystallized, it is "candied." During its preparation, the fruit is chopped and put in lime water for three days. It is then washed and placed in a clay pot with sugar or piloncillo and cooked over low heat.

Tortitas de Santa ClaraCocina Cinco Fuegos

Tortitas de Santa Clara (Santa Clara Cookies)

These cookies are prepared with flour, water, butter and sugar. They are kneaded and rolled into a flat layer, then cut with a special mold and baked.

Once the cookie has cooled, a paste made with ground seeds, sugar and milk is spread on top of it. Tortitas from <i>La Gran Fama</i>. <i>El fino arte en dulces típicos</i> (The Fine Art of Typical Sweets).

Merenguitos de limónCocina Cinco Fuegos

Merenguitos de limón (Mini Lemon Meringue Bombons)

There are five ingredients in the typical merenguito: egg whites, granulated sugar, lemon zest, a pinch of salt and food coloring. Little delights that can be eaten in one bite.

Rosquitas blancasCocina Cinco Fuegos

Rosquitas blancas

A recipe taken straight from abuela's kitchen, starting its preparation with high quality ingredients and continuing with a meticulous preparation technique. They can be found in pastry shops and bakeries.

Peras criollas hervidasCocina Cinco Fuegos

Boiled criollo pears

The criollo pear is a seasonal product. Once ripe, it is boiled with tequesquite and white salt to enhance its sweetness, and cooked over low heat. A delicious and affordable dessert.

Macarrones de lecheCocina Cinco Fuegos

Milk macaroons

Sweets with a Spanish influence that became part of the desserts of Puebla. <br>

"La Gran Fama" dessert shop follows family traditions around the table and prepares these delicious macaroons as part of its confectioneries.

Huevitos de faltriqueraCocina Cinco Fuegos

Huevitos de faltriquera

In the viceregal world, they were the sweet par excellence. In 1696, the "huevitos de faltriquera" appeared on the list of sweets requested to be made by the nuns' convents for the banquet to the Viceroy Count of Moctezuma upon his arrival to Puebla. Today, they are a reflection of the continuity of 17th c'entury Baroque gastronomy, still prevalent in today's 21st century.

Huevitos de faltriqueraCocina Cinco Fuegos

Some family kitchens in Puebla still make the huevitos de faltriquera, following the same tradition as four centuries ago.

They are especially made to give as gifts at baptisms. They are wrapped in blue decorative protective paper if it is a boy or pink if it is a girl. Regardless of the reason for consuming them, this sweet is a testament to the continuity of the love for these sweets.

Corazones de camoteCocina Cinco Fuegos

Corazones de camote (Sweet potato hearts)

Camotes are the badge of honor of the people of Puebla, and for the tourists who buy them, the proof that they have visited the city. The corazones contain the same ingredients as the camotes and are finely decorated with the name of Puebla, flowers and a border.

Surtido de dulces de platónCocina Cinco Fuegos

Assorted sweets platter

This platter contains a variety of sweets such as yemitas (egg yolk sweets), macaroons, cocaditas (sweet coconut candies), bocadillos de nuez (walnut bites) and tortitas de Santa Clara (Santa Clara cookies). <br>

This sweets platter is usually brought to the table after a meal or given as a gift.

Galletas de pinoleCocina Cinco Fuegos

Galletas de pinole (Pinole cookies)

The cookies are prepared with colored corn flower, butter, orange leaves and are sweetened<b> </b>with honey or sugar. Expert hands must prepare them, as they are very fragile.

Surtido de frutas cristalizadoCocina Cinco Fuegos

Assortment of candied fruits

Home recipe books—wonderful documents handwritten by our grandmothers—are the perfect demonstration of just how much work goes into preparing candied fruits.

MolletesCocina Cinco Fuegos


The mollete is a sweet bread stuffed with pastry cream mixed with coconut and covered with sweetened pumpkin seeds.

It is the perfect dessert to accompany chiles en nogada (chili pepper with walnut sauce). Though its ingredients can be found year round, it is only prepared from July to September, the same season as chiles en nogada—an example of respect for the culinary traditions of Puebla.

Gallinitas de pepita de calabazaCocina Cinco Fuegos

Gallinitas de pepita de calabaza (Pumpkin seed hens)

Dexterous hands are required to make these hen-shaped sweets from a paste made of fresh milk fudge, and to decorate them with vibrant colors.

Here, along with picones, cocaditas, macarons and the classic pine nut, almond and burnt milk fudge. All just a sample of the delicious Puebla confectionery as both an art and a craft.

Punche de maíz azulCocina Cinco Fuegos

Punche de maíz azul (Blue corn pudding)

Blue corn flour, milk, sugar and cinnamon are the ingredients combined to make punche. Once cooked, it is poured into a mold, allowed to cool and cut into small pieces. Here they are placed on squares of totomoxtle (corn husk). It is often a special sweet for the "Day of the Dead" offerings.

Charola con cupcakes navideñosCocina Cinco Fuegos

Tray with Christmas Cupcakes

These cupcakes<i> </i>are little cakes with imaginative decorations and intense colors. They can be prepared with a wide variety of flavors, colors and decorations.

They are becoming more and more prevalent at celebrations and are a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Cupcake navideñoCocina Cinco Fuegos

Christmas cupcakes

The term "cupcake" is a literal reference to the measurement of volume used to prepare them.

The texture of the dough is airy, very much like a sponge cake. Its topping is creamy, sweet and features fun decorations to create an element of surprise.

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