Les meules; fin de l'été, Giverny (Haystacks at Giverny)

Zoom into Claude Monet's painting

Les meules; fin de l'été, Giverny by Monet Claude (dit), Monet Claude-OscarIntercéréales

While traveling through the countryside around his Giverny estate, Claude Monet acquired a passion for the haystacks that stood tall in the landscape upon the arrival of fall and throughout the winter.

Here, the stack is topped with thatch at the peak in order to conserve it from the fresh air.

Fascinated by the variations in light on these simple geometric shapes, and keen to capture every nuance, the painter produced a series of canvas paintings on the same subject.

Any human figure is far away, and the stack is, above all, a means of artistic experimentation.

In this canvas work, the evening hues are gentle while the sun gives a red tint to the base of the stacks and divides their peaks into two neat triangles.

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