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The 'Surfers their stories' series explores the personal surfing journeys of 12 Australians. This is the story of a young adventurer Taylor Miller, who was born into a family of surfing royalty.

Taylor Miller overlooking the ocean by Taylor MillerAustralian National Surfing Museum

Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller is a young surfer from Byron Bay, born into a family that in some ways is surfing royalty. Steeped in American surfing traditions, Rusty Miller (Taylor’s dad) grew up on the beach at Encinitas in California.

Taylor Miller UnderwaterAustralian National Surfing Museum

Rusty was a celebrated member of what some people see as the greatest generation of American surfing pioneers. Rusty won the USA National Surfing Championship in 1966 and went on to establish a solid reputation in huge surf in Hawaii.

Becoming disenchanted with the socio-political climate revolving around the war in Vietnam, Rusty first moved to Hawaii before landing in Australia. He followed the waves north up the New South Wales coast finally settling in Byron Bay the eastern most point on the Australian mainland.

Taylor Miller in Morocco (2010) by Taylor MillerAustralian National Surfing Museum

Taylor, it seems, has inherited her father’s wanderlust and although still relatively young she has travelled extensively.

While studying at university Taylor developed an affinity with all things Italian and completed her Thesis by exploring and documenting the relatively small but vibrant surfing culture of Italy. This is but one of Taylors many surfing adventures.

Buntine sleeping (2012) by Taylor MillerAustralian National Surfing Museum

More recently Taylor took part in a project called “The Reef” which saw a curious confluence of cultural elements, surfing and orchestral music set against the remote and dramatic backdrop of Ningaloo Reef in the northwest coast of Western Australia. The drama filled trip to “The Reef” was crammed with twists and turns for Taylor, such as being injured as the 4 wheel drive she was travelling in overturned on a remote country track.

Taylor also acquired a new friend along the way. Buntine is a part Dingo, part Red Heeler and now a constant companion.

Taylor Miller (2011) by Taylor MillerAustralian National Surfing Museum

With a family history that includes some early pioneering female pilots and a grandfather that developed advanced aeronautical equipment it seems only natural that Taylor’s eyes would turn toward the skies. Flying is something she is particularly passionate about. In one of life’s neat alignments Taylor has become involved in Balooning in the Byron Bay area, a pursuit that has seen her team up with an Italian balloonist who also just happens to be a surfer.

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