Surfers their stories: Jacob Stuth

The 'Surfers their stories' series explores the personal surfing journeys of 12 Australians. This is the story of young surfer, Jacob Stuth and the inspiration surfing has had on his life.

Jacob Stuth on Honda Monkey Bike by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

Jacob Stuth

Jacob Stuth was born in Melbourne in 1974. His earliest experience of surfing was at Williamstown beach (a bayside Melbourne beach) before the family moved to Noosa Heads in Queensland in 1985. He remembers “The smell of salt, seaweed and the sound of the surf” and the “deep blue and green colour” as early impressions of the beach.

Jacob Stuth with longboard (2010) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

Jacob learned to surf from his father and was also inspired by watching old surfing movies like Bruce Browne’s Slippery When Wet. Jacob also tells how he was inspired by "The old dogs at Noosa, like Norm Brokenborough".

He remembers riding waves for the first time and the "Speed, thrill, freedom and excitement with nature” while riding his green single fin Wayne Lynch board that he bought from a garage sale for $30.

Jacob Stuth Alaia Maldives (2010) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

Jacob loves “the chase, the hunt for surf, the drop, feeling the wind as you speed down the face, seeing the wave unfold before you is one of life’s great moments”.

He feels that surfing has completely changed his life, “Everything relates to my experiences in the surf".

Jacob has been inspired by some of surfing’s greatest characters past and present, and rides a diverse range of equipment including traditional timber Alaia boards he has made for himself.

Jacob Stuth and Diesel Mercedes (2010) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

He also has a passion for classic cars and takes his self reliance into that field producing bio diesel for his 4x4 as well as his 1977 Mercedes 300D.

“I make my own fuel from used veggie oil collected from restaurants and converted to biodiesel”.

Jacob Stuth on Tractor (2011) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

Jacob has worked as a landscape architect, Fraser Island tour guide, surf coach, restaurant manager, barista and an organic veggie grower.

He says that surfing “Taught me patience and to read the weather and understand it. It has given me the time to reflect on life and introduced me to many great friends and great places”.

Jacob Stuth Sunset (2010) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

He sees surfing as “One of life’s great pleasures” and says that through surfing he “has learnt patience and respect for nature”.

“The Aboriginals from Fraser Island have a saying (Ben ‘ewa’ waru) which means 'God is nature'. The spirit of surfing is the greatest gift, the waves shared with surfers”.

Jacob Stuth bug on the beach (2010) by Jacob StuthAustralian National Surfing Museum

Jacob loves surfing ‘Big Bells’ and recalls the first time he visited the famous beach near Torquay, “my heart skipped a beat, the sound, the smell... Big Bells is still my favourite big wave spot. Looking past Centreside towards Point Addis, seeing the new sets roll down the rugged coastline, this is Australia!”

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