Batik motifs for royals

#0051 Kain Panjang (1900)Unit Pengelola Museum Seni

Classical Javanese batik motifs

Classical Javanese batik is dominated by particular motifs that is filled with symbolism and shades of brown colors derived from bark of Soga Tingi tree. 

Gendongan 0428Unit Pengelola Museum Seni

Kawung motif

This geometric motif is called 'kawung' is the oldest motif in Batik making. The motif took shape from fruits of palm tree. Javanese uses every part of palm tree in their daily lives. The motif, once exclusive only to Sultanates in Java,  represents ultimate self control. 

Kampuh, Parang Rusak Barong (1899/1950)Unit Pengelola Museum Seni

Parang motif

Parang or pereng, is a Javanese word for slope. The motifs are a continuous S-shape, sloping from top to bottom. The shape inspiration comes from waves in the southern Java sea. It symbolizes unrelenting spirit in life.  

Batik Gajah Birawa by Kanjeng SoemoharjomoUnit Pengelola Museum Seni


This batik motif represents a life filled with abundance. This batik would have mountains, Garuda - a mythical bird and four-legged animals like horned deer and elephants.

Kain Batik Ayam Alas Gunung Jati (1970) by MasinaUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

Jungle fowl of Cirebon

The jungle fowl or locally called ayam alas is classical batik pattern as an homage to Cirebon sultanate.  

The jungle fowl crows the dawn of Islam, which according to tradition spread from the first Muslim settlement on Jati mountains. 

The junglefowl depicted to be standing on top Jati mountain.
The batik design is rendered in distinct Cirebon style, the mega mendung cloud design which harmonize combination of cultural influences, including Hindu, Chinese and Islam.

Kain Panjang 0448Unit Pengelola Museum Seni

See how batik get its specific shade of colors from local plants.

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