Styles of Wearing Sarongs in Wayang

Hanuman (1985/1989) by SukarmanUnit Pengelola Museum Seni


This is a basic style of wearing sarong in Wayang characters. 

Dewi Sinta (1986/1990) by SukarmanUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

Rapekan Putren

This is the style for femal characters in Wayang

Raden Danur WendoUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

This style is called Rapekan Bala

Usually used with a Keris on the waist as a sign that the character is going to war.

Syeikh Wali Lanang (1975) by Suryadi WanosuhardjoUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

Rapekan Pandita

This particular style is used by a priest, teacher or wise man character. 

Bagong (2010) by SaderiUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

This is Rapekan Dagelan

This style is used by wise clown characters. 

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