14th Arte Laguna Prize - Special Prizes Winners

Swinging Mozart (2018) by Kaoru ShibutaArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Basu Foundation for the Arts

The Gallery of the Basu Foundation exhibits the works of the artist in residence with the mission to create an awareness of the works and the artist by curating exhibitions in a vibrant contemporary art space in Kolkata and across India and connecting these artists with international collectors, galleries, foundations and museums and provide them with the necessary exposure among the right networks.

The End is Glorious, If We Only Persevere (2019) by Elham EshraghianArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition


Fabrica is a research centre for modern communication. Established in 1994 from a vision of Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, it is based in Treviso, Italy, in a space of magical architecture restored and augmented by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Fabrica also organizes a continuous cycle of workshops, lectures and training experiences where the worlds of art, culture and research meet to develop new ideas. Internationally renowned architects, musicians, historians, designers, artists, interaction designers, art directors and sociologists collaborate with Fabrica.

UNIT FOR Y-AXIS No.2 (2019) by Sei YamazakiArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition


Espronceda – founded in 2013 in Barcelona – is an innovative and contemporary art centre, exhibition and work space. It provides a platform and a multi-disciplinary environment for artists, curators and those who believe in the importance of art, culture and education for more creativity and a better world. Espronceda organizes: Artist in Residence Program, Curator in Residence Program, educational and cultural activities. It transformed former industrial spaces into a state‐of‐the‐art melting pot for culture and art. Espronceda encourages the connection with the local community and the creation of a global network among artists, companies, cultural and art institutions for a social change through art.

Nirvana 16 (2019) by Hee Sook KimArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Stronger (2018) by Milos NejezchlebArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Farm Cultural Park

Farm Cultural Park is an independent new generation cultural centre where culture becomes a fine tool for area renewal and gives a present and a future to a city without a past. It is located at the heart of Favara (Sicily), in the so-called “The Seven Courtyards” neighborhood. Farm Cultural Park acquired some of the houses, once abandoned, situated in the seven courtyards, transforming them into contemporary art exhibition spaces, meeting spaces, open kitchen for workshops and lunches, cocktail bars, vintage shops and much more. In this way, the area turned into a tourist centre and into a venue for innovation and art meeting, with a strong interest in contemporary art and innovation. A place where is possible to live experiences characterized by strong relations, discovery, unpublished and unexpected encounters and where beauty is visible in several expressions: architectural, human, aesthetic, narrative beauty. The Farm Cultural Park creation has fuelled innovation in the whole town and an inspiration for other interesting realities. 

This is also a way to contribute collectively in the achievement of one of the Farm Cultural Park’s founders’ aims, that is making Favara the second tourist destination of Agrigento province, after Valle dei Templi.

Sliding Hope (2018) by Brendon KahnArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Gridchinhall Gallery and Art Residency

Gridchinhall is a private suburban art-space with a studio-workshop for artists. Young talented authors and recognized art masters live and work in the art residence. The combination of art and nature, the old Russian village and the European approach to the surrounding space make Gridchinhall an amazing place. Gridchinhall lives with art 24 hours a day. The paintings are exhibited in the exhibition hall, occupy the walls of the Gridchin family’s own house, art objects and land art adorn the garden, the parking lot and even the roof. Besides, there is also a Gridchinhall gallery space in the very center of Moscow in «Cube.Moscow» art cluster where our artworks meet with Russian and international collectors and art-lovers.

Flowers and Butterflies dancing in the breezes (2018) by Kuo Kuo HsiangArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Maradiva Cultural Residency

Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa is a 5-star luxury hotel nestled in a lush 27 acres setting on the west coast of Mauritius and inspired by the colonial residences of the sugar cane plantation owners. It boasts an electric mix of Mauritian and Indian art which enhances the authenticity of the resort and which differentiates itself from other Mauritius properties. Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Arts & Culture to promote the art of local artists. Mauritius is known for its culture blend and religious mix, all living in harmony. Through the project of ‘Artist in Residence’, emphasis will be upon interaction and exchanges with Mauritians. Workshops will be organized between the artist and local artists to exchange their skills and knowledge. During the artist' stay at Maradiva, he/she will have the opportunity to showcase his/her art through open studios and a launching event where the artist's work will be exhibited. One artwork donated will be auctioned for a charity while the other will become part of the collection and exhibited at Maradiva. The Ministry of Arts & Culture has a calendar of events throughout the year. Subject to the dates of stay of the artist, he/she will have the opportunity to experience these events and interact with the project team. Maradiva Villa Resort & Spa will also organise a few days out to visit some of the cultural heritage sites in Mauritius namely Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, Aapravasi Ghat, Le Morne and Le Vieux Grand Port.

Construction Y (2019) by Mirjam HinnArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister

The Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister was founded by the art historian Isabelle Lesmeister at the end of 2010 as a contemporary art gallery in Regensburg, Germany. The aim of the gallery is to promote young, not established artists, who were born after 1970 and have been trained at art academies. Within the framework of classical gallery work they are strongly supported and slowly and consciously established on the international art market. The Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister is not confined to the region. Selected art fairs and cooperation with artists from all over the world prove international character of the gallery as the collaboration with partner galleries and a variety of institutions contributes to a global network of artists and art connoisseurs. In addition to several art fairs the gallery shows each year in about five to six temporary exhibitions works from the fields of painting, graphic, object, sculpture and photography, with special emphasis on innovative imagery and extraordinary technique. A conscious relationship to art history, its various genres and image issues, and the conscious use of old, traditional techniques for the realization of contemporary artworks make up the uniqueness of the creation of the gallery's artists.

The Limits (2017) by Pavel KiselevArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is a collective environment of creative visions featuring monthly exhibitions of (inter)national, emerging to established, contemporary artists. A commercial gallery with a public conscience; artist, activist, and entrepreneur Jonathan Ferrara founded the gallery in 1998 to give artists a voice. Since its inception, the gallery has focused on forward thinking artists with a sense of purpose, mission, and message. The gallery is known for its stimulating and provocative exhibitions in a wide variety of media, having been featured in The New York Times, Art In America, The Art Newspaper, The Associated Press, ArtNews, NPR and many other international publications. The gallery regularly exhibits at art fairs in the US and Europe and works with museum and institutions to present its artists' works.

Trans-Forma (2020) by 06D AtelierArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability) of Aluminium

The special Prize dedicated to Art and Sustainability is part of the 14th International Arte Laguna Prize. The prize is promoted and created in collaboration with Ca' Foscari Sostenibile of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and for this year it is realized with the support of CIAL (Consortium Packaging Aluminium). To participate, it is required to present works, products and art projects including design, photography, video art and performance, etc. which enhance aluminium and aluminium packaging as part of the RRR strategies (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce).

Dot (2019) by Anna KryukovaArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition


Outofblue was born in Venice as an idea of hospitality with particular attention to aesthetics, to design and the artistic value of the spaces it makes available. During 2019 the idea spread to the beautiful island of La Palma (Canary Islands), declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its precious ecosystem, still largely intact. Known as the Isla Bonita for its breathtaking landscapes, the imposing volcanoes, the dense forests, the welcoming beaches and starry skies, La Palma hosts the world's first Starlight Reserve which attracts scholars and enthusiasts from all over the world. Outofblue will offer a space of artistic expression that will be available for a month and open to every form of creativity.

Snia (2019) by OMUFArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Wrecking Ball (2019) by Mohammad Al-HemdArte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition


Since 2006 ART STAYS has played a leading role in bringing an international vibrancy to the Slovenia's art scene, showing for the first time the works of artists such as Leo Ferdinand Demetz, Elisa Rossi, Kensuke Koike, Angelo Volpe, Igor Molin, Raphael Di Luzio, Florian Langemaack, Tim Roeloffs, Marek Schovanek, Sissa Micheli, Peter Wehinger. ART STAYS focuses on promoting, supporting and showing young and mid-career contemporary artists, covering different media. Thanks to the great support and collaboration of curators and European public and private institutions, ART STAYS aims at functioning as a laboratory for young contemporary art. With the same intention, Galerija FO.VI, now with a new space in the city of Kidricevo, was opened by ART STAYS in 2006. 2012 was a landmark year for the ART STAYS International Festival of Contemporary Art. It celebrated its 10th anniversary and played an important role in the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012, which brought much attention to the exceptional cultural offer of Ptuj. Since 2003 ART STAYS has also an artist in residence program and organizes the International Festival of Contemporary Art.

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