Welcome to New York!

Magazzino Italian Art's special project dedicated to the renowned artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Welcome to New York! Installation 1 by Photo by Marco Anelli / Tommaso SacconiMagazzino Italian Art

From June 22, 2023 to June 24, 2024 Magazzino Italian Art is exhibiting the special project Welcome to New York!, whose title is derived from a 1979 work by Pistoletto.

Pistoletto’s presence in the Olnick Spanu Collection and his significant contributions to the history of Magazzino resonate throughout the galleries of the museum.

For the inaugural opening of Magazzino in 2017, the museum unveiled Stracci italiani (Italian Rags, 2007), a work that was commissioned to commemorate the anniversary of Italy's unification.  

Installation view, lobby by Michelangelo PistolettoMagazzino Italian Art

The tricolor Italian flag made of discarded fabric greets visitors upon entering the lobby everyday.

In 2017, Magazzino acquired Sfera di giornali (Newspaper Sphere), a sculpture composed during a reinvention of Pistoletto’s performance Scultura da passeggio (Walking Sculpture) staged throughout the entire Cold Spring community.

Scultura da Passeggio, Performance 2017, Cold Spring NYMagazzino Italian Art

Installation view 'Welcome to New York!,' photo by Marco Anelli/Tommaso SacconiMagazzino Italian Art

Welcome to New York!, installation shot 8Magazzino Italian Art

Welcome to New York (1979) is displayed for the first time in Gallery 8, alongside seven representative mirror works spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s.

This immersive experience offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the evolution of the artist's visionary works.

Welcome to New York! Installation 3 by Photo by Marco Anelli / Tommaso SacconiMagazzino Italian Art

Welcome to New York draws inspiration from the Statue of Liberty:

its metal crown,

and multicolored rags cascading towards the ground

encapsulate and embrace the concept of multiculturalism and diversity, embodying the values of welcome and inclusivity associated with the United States.

Terzo Paradiso, Michelangelo PistolettoMagazzino Italian Art

Magazzino also unveiled the monumental permanent installation, Terzo paradiso, situated on the museum’s grounds. 

Realized with 46 stones excavated during the construction of the new Robert Olnick Pavillon, this installation symbolizes a new age in which everyone is encouraged to assume personal responsibility for a global vision.

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