Ocean Fish a Family Fishery

Discove this incredible family fishery that goes back nearly 300 years

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Welcome to the Ocean Fish family

I feel part of the family to be honest, they treated me as one, they’ve trusted me they’ve let me play with their train set, that comes hopefully from a position of trust and respect. I enjoy very much what to do. 

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The family had a very committed view of reinvestment as well. A lot of people who start a business and especially when it's your source of income as well, they will extract a lot of any profits that they're lucky enough to have to live on that. That was never Andrew and Edward’s Modus Operandum; they would make money to invest.

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The art of fishing and filleting

 It's a real art and certainly if if you watch some of the documentaries on TV, you'll sit like the Sardine ring and it's just great to watch; it's a proper sort of stealth hunt operation, where they'll be seeing marks in the wheelhouse and they'll see where the sardines are then they ring the net around them and pull them up; it's great to watch that.
Fish filetting is a skill and a skill that there's always a shortage of. I think it's probably one of the areas that will be looking at is a kind of a filleting school to bring the next generation on. 

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Its key to get people from school to pick up fishing because if you look at the profile of our fishermen, they're  getting older and older. 

We need to get to the root cause of that and understand why and what is turning people off from going fishing because accepting the level of risk, it seems to me that every fisherman I speak to really enjoy what they do and wouldn't want to do anything else. It's the freedom and comradery around it.

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From Cornwall to the Continent

 A big part of what we do is access to Cornish fish. 
I think we're strategically well placed, in that we're close enough to the markets to remain efficient on collection and be able to bring that fish back and then still offer, you know in the mid part of Cornwall, easy access for all my distribution whether that is into major supermarkets both UK abroad or onto one of our own trucks that will export to the continent.

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Ocean Fish Audio 4a- Sardines

In terms of our four sardine boats, we will land to 200,000-250,000 tons of sardines every year and the vast majority of that gets exported. 

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Eating local fish

I grew up with my brother and we had fish on the menu once a week and that was usually a very, very overcooked piece of cod or haddock in the oven, very, very drive that ended up on the plate and it was basically the least scary bit of protein that my Mum could buy and that was it. That's what we need to change, I think; is to create and educate people more and more and I think that will come naturally because the millennial generation are a little bit more adventurous as well and sort of experimental but begin to promote certain species

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Ocean Fish Audio 5 - Buying local

The majority of fish that we will buy locally comes through the local fish market channels. So Joe Bloggs on his small boat will land into Plymouth Market and we will buy the lot. 

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Preserving the Cornish seas

We are the first seafood business in the UK to offer 100% of its retail product in Ocean protecting plastic bits like that do need to be shouted about. I think that that's probably the step change from where the family was 10 years back. The business has been very successful, but you know, it's still quite confined; taking it to the next level not in a boastful way, but in a sort of a promotion way so that people can enjoy what we offer. 

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