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In areas with high tourism potential, visitor centers have been established serving as research centers, environmental education and leisure areas. These centers also provide guided tours to schools and universities. The visitor centers are equipped with tanks, aquaria, interpretative information panels, life-size sea turtle replicas, a video room, exposition centers, restaurant, and shops with various Tamar products, souvenirs and local handicrafts. Come on and visit us!

Male hawksbill sea turtle on Praia do Forte (Bahia) reef, right in front of the Garcia D'Avila Lighthouse. This area hosts the national headquarters for Projeto Tamar. (2009) by Banco de Imagens Projeto TAMAROriginal Source:

To continue its mission Tamar needs help. Any person can contribute, buying Tamar products or participating in the campaigns.

Feeding time at the Tamar Ubatuba, Sao Paulo (2015) by Projeto TAMARTAMAR

Tamar could not get anywhere without the help of the community and all who care about nature. The conservation of sea turtles and the environments on which they depend need the support of the whole society .

Tamar arrived at Praia do Forte - one of the first of three bases established in the country, along with Pirambu, SE and Combioos, ES - in 1982. That same year marked the last stage of the survey to identify the Brazilian beaches where sea turtles occurred. As Tamar’s National headquarters, Praia do Forte is a major tourist destination in the state. It is located 70 km from Salvador and pertains to the municipality of Mata de Sao Joao.

Tanks and aquariums, there are 600,000 liters of saltwater with marine fauna specimens from the region and four of the five species of sea turtles that occur in Brazil, at different stages of the life cycle . It has multimedia, cinema, video, aquaria, permanent exhibit of photographic panels , shop and restaurant . A cultural area receives events with national, international and local artists.

Florianopolis Visitor Center, Santa Catarina.

All five sea turtle species occurring in Brazil are found in Santa Catarina. The base located in Barra da Lagoa was inaugurated in 2005. It is Tamar’s newest base and its strategic role isto reduce the incidental capture of sea turtles in artisanal and industrial fisheries, which are highly developed in the southern coast of Brazil. Tamar’s environmental awareness and education campaigns are essential in order to reduce the impact of fisheries to sea turtles. The base has a rehabilitation center where that allows for simple procedures such as bandaging or minor surgery.

Ubatuba was established in 1991 and was the first base established in an area that is solely comprised of feeding grounds. The area has a significant fishing fleetas it is home to the traditional and ancient port of the Sao Paulo coast. Therefore, there is a high incidence of incidental catch throughout the year.

Tamar began working in the region in 1984 when the archipelago was still a federal territory administered by the Air Force. In 1986 it became an APA Environmental Protection Area. Leão beach is the main nesting area in the archipelago and was the first part of the Marine National Park, created by federal decree in 1988.

Fernando de Noronha is one of Tamar’s most important bases. It is a laboratory within nature as the transparency of the water offers excellent conditions to conduct research on the biology and behavior of sea turtles in a natural underwater environment.

In addition to monitoring nesting females, the Fernando de Noronha base has a mark and recapture program of turtles that use the islands to feed and rest. Tamar has marked over a thousand turtles since the inception of this program in 1990. Additionally, the large flux of tourists to the archipelago is conducive to the environmental education and experiences in the Sea Turtle Museum’s.

Come on and visit Tamar!

To continue its mission Tamar needs help. Any person can contribute, buying Tamar products or participating in the campaigns.

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