The Speicherstadt Hamburg today

Discover about the warehouse district as it looks today.

Blocks J and in front of it K, Kaffeesäcke (c. March 1936) by Gustav WerbeckSpeicherstadt und Kontorhausviertel mit Chilehaus

In the 1970s, the Warehouse District lost its original purpose due to a development of the container. The barges were no longer able to transport the goods, which now arrived in containers.

Block Q and R (06 July 2004) by ELBE&FLUT / Thomas HampelSpeicherstadt und Kontorhausviertel mit Chilehaus

The Warehouse District itself has been listed since 1991. If one looks at the unique facades of the largest storage complex in the world, you quickly realise that it is very well preserved.

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Adjacent to the Warehouse District is the HafenCity (Harbour City). And even if the historic Warehouse District stands in clear contrast with this new district it is also the gateway to this quarter.

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In this section mainly oriental rugs are stored. It holds the world's largest carpet retailer. There are 65 traders selling oriental rugs here, what takes place on about 48,000 sqm of storage space.

In the east of the area many creative companies have settled, such as creative agencies, music labels and photo studios to name just a few. They make use of the special flair of the warehouses.

Panorama at night (17 February 2004) by ELBE&FLUT / Thomas HampelSpeicherstadt und Kontorhausviertel mit Chilehaus

The former storage floors offer extravagant light conditions. Even amateur photographers find impressive motifs, especially in the dark, when the space is illuminated with around 800 spotlights.

Storm surge (9 November 2007) by Thomas HampelSpeicherstadt und Kontorhausviertel mit Chilehaus

The low water level makes the area a danger zone during storm surges and excludes it as an overnight or residential area, as it could not be evacuated quickly enough should the need arise.

Today 8

The last section is located in the west and is probably the most touristic part of the Warehouse District. Various museums have settled here and offer an insight into the history of the distric.

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