A Child's Eye View of Alnwick

Our roving reporter - aged 12 - tells you about his favourite parts of The Alnwick Garden. It's fun for all ages!

By The Alnwick Garden

Robin - a gardens expert

The Taihaku Cherry Orchard

Planted with 329 Taihaku cherry trees, this is the largest cherry orchard of its kind in the world.  The entire orchard is under-planted with pink tulips, creating a magical environment during the Spring.


The fox sculpture at the centre of The Rose Garden was made originally for Painshill Park in Surrey, c.1750 and was bought by the present Duke's father.

In the tree there are six hanging monkeys, made by a look-a-like of Jaws, the famous Bond villain.

The Bamboo Labrynth

"Only dead fish swim with the stream"

Designed by maze-maker Adrian Fisher and set in a windy area of The Garden, The Bamboo Labrynth sways and rustles above the brick paths that wander between its green walls, confusing and perplexing the visitor.

The Forgotten Garden Adventure Golf

Found outside the walls of The Alnwick Garden, The Forgotten Garden Adventure golf is 13 holes of twists and turns, bumps and lumps and some hidden surprises on the way.

The Grand CascadeThe Alnwick Garden

The Grand Cascade 1

The Grand Cascade

This incredible cascade has:- 21 weirs to keep the water flowing
- 120 water jets that create the display
- 250,000 gallons of water circulate through the entire system
- 850 hornbeam trees that are planted around the perimiter

it even lights up at night!

The Grand CascadeThe Alnwick Garden

The Grand Cascade 2

A feat of engineering

Pumps, filters and treatment systems are all housed in two vast plant rooms beneath The Cascade, together with reservoirs which also supply the water for the pools, ponds and water sculptures in adjoining features, with all water recycled and reused.

The Grand CascadeThe Alnwick Garden

The Grand Cascade 3

Splish Splash

The half-hourly water display uses 120 water jets which propel spouts of water over the ain terrace that straddles The Cascade and into the Lower Basin, the pool at the bottom of The Cascade, which in turn activates a water display simulating a volcanic eruption

The Grand CascadeThe Alnwick Garden

The Grand Cascade 4


The water feature is almost wholly constructed in the local Northumbrian sandstone, except for the internal wall facings, which are made of coloured and moulded concrete to protect against wear from the water.

The main lawnThe Alnwick Garden

The Grand Cascade 5


The first garden on the site was begun in 1750 by Hugh Percy, who became the first Duke of Northumberland in 1766.  The boundary walls, enclosing a 12-acre enclosure that is the present garden, were built from 1777 using bricks transported to Alnwick as ship-ballast.

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