Cecylia Malik

Earth, home, 2023

Cecylia Malik, photo series – HOT SPOT – Caring For a Burning World #136 (2017/2022) by Cecylia MalikLa Galleria Nazionale

Cecylia Malik, photo series

Trees the protagonists of the works by Cecylia Malik, who draws attention to the deforestation that has taken place in Poland, by contrasting it with life and with mothers who, sitting on what remains of the forest, breastfeed their children.

What's the first thing you think of when I say Hot Spot?

Earth, home, 2023.

What is the "hottest" contemporary theme nowadays?

The war in Ukraine, the fact that the world is unable to stop Putin, the growing power of male dictatorships, greed, the cult of profit, conformism, acceptance of evil, fear.

How artistic practice can actively influence these issues?

It can help assimilate the problem, let you feel it. Knowledge alone does not give us anything, we must integrate knowledge with heart and spirit. We are bombarded with drastic information and images, to be able to function we are indifferent to them. Art tells a different story.

How was it to confront with other artists in Hot Spot?

I am extremely moved that our performance of the Polish Mother on the Trees Stumps - joined the voices of artists demanding a common home, which is Earth. My gesture of breastfeeding my son, on tree trunk is a gesture of helplessness, but also a manifestation of disagreement.

Installation View – HOT SPOT – Caring For a Burning World #138 (2022)La Galleria Nazionale

What do you think is the main visitors' feeling in Hot Spot?

I think that people watching the exhibition wake up from lethargy for a moment, I hope that it will influence everyday decisions, values and even election decisions.

Choose a claim for an aesthetic activism manifesto

Ok, I will write to you my private manifesto:
What is the name of your river ?
the world breathers becouse rivers still flow
They carry life, coolness and calm.
Rivers carry fresh water- blue gold
the most precious treasure of the earth.

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Interview by Giulia Lotti. Photo by Adriano Mura.

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