Hot Spot

27 international artists share their views on climate changes in the exhibition Hot Spot, hosted by the National Gallery in Rome

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La Galleria Nazionale
"Climate change leads to a change in the way we interpret many works of art, which is what we set out to do with this exhibit."Gerardo Mosquera, curator

A Gallery for the Four Elements

Immerse yourself with visuals and sounds into fire, air, earth and water

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Pass the mic to the visitors

GenZ on climate change

Big Ideas and Questions on the Future of Climate

The Sky Fits on a Wall

This is a site-specific artwork, that covers an entire wall in the exhibit space of the National Gallery in Rome.

Simple Tools

The artwork was made only with white marker pens.

Liquid Stars

Water floats in a dark universe, creating a sort of poetic cosmology.

Zoom into Nights of Hope

By Sandra Cinto

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"When we are together our voices are louder."Sandra Cinto


The increase in the population of the planet goes hand in hand with the overproduction of goods.


An increase in waste and rubbish is the consequence of overproduction and overpopulation.


Simple, yet eloquent, Chris Jordan's photo depicts the massiveness of rubbish.

Can trash be art?

Zoom into "Plastic Bottles" by Chris Jordan

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"Raise Awareness. Join Forces."Renata Boero

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The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome keeps the complete collection of international and Italian art from the XIX to the XXI century, composed of 20.000 artworks, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations and it represents the major artistic movements from the last two centuries.

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