Inadvertent Trip and Dreamy Journey to the Peach Blossom Land Exhibitions

The second main exhibition of Cheongju Craft Biennale 2019

Main exhibition 2 by Cheongju Craft BiennaleCheongju Craft Biennale

Honorary ambassador actor Ji Jin Hee's explain

'Inadvertent Trip' and 'Dreamy Journey to the Peach Blossom Land' make up the second main exhibition in Dongbuchangko (the former tobacco production site). Following Prince Anpyong's journey to utopia, audiences will travel through a metaphorical space with rainbow folding screens, black mountains and water to reach a brilliant, peach-tree forest.

Come out Come outCheongju Craft Biennale

Come out

The artist’s work is closely related to illusions resulting from discrepancies between the real and the psychological. When looked at from afar, real sanseviera plants can be seen, while imitation straw can be seen when looked at from up close. This illusion is created using printed halftone dots and digital grids to create the observed effect. In other words, when halftone dots come together, the shape and image become stable, but as the gridlines become stronger, the image is less easily perceived. Similarly, when the straws become more densely collected, the sanseviera plants can be seen, but when they are observed individually, the original image is more strongly emphasized.

Silk road Silk roadCheongju Craft Biennale

Silk road

Silk road is a carpet woven by sewing hundreds of ties that have been collected since January 2015 through SNS. The tie is intertwined with various memories and stories. [...] The ties on someone's neck are sewn together, leading to specific events such as the time and space of the people who wore them. And as soon as you move onto it, the audience unwittingly falls into the time and space of the place. A tie is a device that projects the life of countless people, their stories, and even the life of a treading audience. an audience of writers and works It becomes a channel of endless communication and a beginning without its boundaries.

Orientation OrientationCheongju Craft Biennale


In the present materialistic society, we often ourselves at the intersection of decision-making among many choice, which are either rational or irrational, and intertwined with uncontrollable variable. Touching soil is the simplest and shortest way to get close to our inner self. The artist handcrafted the clay into bending flakes/pieces to indicate the sense of disorientation and uncertainty like making origami, the artist tries different approaches to possible extension for unrepeated and uninterrupted continuity, while all variations are kept within a certain range/form, without deviating from the essence.

Cinderella/Pinocchio Cinderella/PinocchioCheongju Craft Biennale


The infinite travel of information, dots detected in our view, or images created by these changes, is "The aesthetics of relationships" and "Visual Semantics," and the author thinks his work is a symbolic system and provides limited information to the audience. Instead of presenting a particular object or story, the visual impression and thought can be found from the trivial, as in Cinderella, Pinocchio, or the alphabet is related in various ways, such as expressing the symbol of color.

Ironized abutment by Lee Jae HwangCheongju Craft Biennale

Ironized abutment

Lee Jae-hwang has long explored large-scale and modern creativity for the wide-ranging creative domain of artwork, along with in-depth research into the iron painting Buncheong ware. Exploring the detailed composition of the deformity, it was chosen to address the work naturally formed on the beach in a certain area, and this work was designed as a fusion between tradition and modern work by drawing traditional conversation with Gyeryongsan Mountain restoration stone wine on a large-scale ground of jusangjeolri. The material of the work was Buncheong earth and granite stone oil, and the material of the painting was completed by applying the cocoon (water fish) of the iron flower vase, which is a representative artifact.

Heavy sacrifice,Insy-Outsy, Root ball,Sweet,Try me plan B Heavy sacrifice,Insy-Outsy, Root ball,Sweet,Try me plan BCheongju Craft Biennale

Heavy sacrifice

The work of the author based on fabric has the form between craft, decorative art, abstract painting and the expressive nature of sculpture. The works consist of wire, mixed fabric, rope, thread, belt and textile, representing imperfectly beautiful, proudly defective.

Newspaper NewspaperCheongju Craft Biennale


Albrecht Klink is a third generation wood sculptor born in 1962 in Weil am Rhein, Germany. [...] Klink’s unique and well-trained wood sculpting techniques are to be put on display during this year’s biennale. Klink’s unique and well-trained wood sculpting techniques are to be put on display during this year’s biennale in the form of his piece Cheongju Newspaper. He shows the history of Cheongju and how it is today using pieces of the newspaper as a reinterpretation of his techniques in woodworking to create a new visual experience for his audience.

Strange but all ours Strange but all oursCheongju Craft Biennale

Strange but all ours

According to the writer's note, humans are the only species that make garbage on Earth. These man-made wastes are returning and threatening all living things, and even in times of threat due to human's unstoppable desire, the garbage continues to grow. Writer Kang Hong-seok thought that in order to reduce this waste, people should give up their desires. Through the creative process of this work, the author wanted to dispel all his desires, and he is taking it with a grain of salt as it is being torn down and gone after the exhibition. The author said he would enjoy enough of his work in the process of creating it. In other words, the artist says he's already rewarded for his creation in the process of spreading his imaginary wings, abusing huge amounts of trash.

Nefelibata: Cloud walker Nefelibata: Cloud walkerCheongju Craft Biennale

The dream 1 work

By a combination of tradition and experimentation, Guerra de la Paz applies the essential duality of fine, multilayered artwork. While exploring topics of cultural and historical relevance, they used to find inspiration in the familiarity of ready-made products, where archaeological characteristics and compressed energy evoke the importance of humanity and reveal psychological and environmental messages.

Adam & Eve - Run by Chung Ki WoongCheongju Craft Biennale

L2019 adam&eve-run

This piece is Chung Gi Woong’s L2019 adam & eve - run. Although the pictures are printed on a flat surface, they then undergo a secondary process where they are given dimensions through divided spaces that can be observed from the front, back, left, and right to offer new perspectives. To develop his style, Chung tested several different methods to emphasize the meaning behind transparent spaces after dividing his images and adding various expressions, using quadrilaterals, circles, and ovals until the compression of his images of the human body gradually began to lose impact. Here, Chung defines the human body as the “seed” of life. Since it was not easy to simply depict the naked body, the concept is conveyed through nude imagery of other creations. The artist repeatedly incorporates his techniques of compressing and dividing his image and creating empty space in order to reach his audience.

再 - 만들다 Re-born 再 - 만들다 Re-bornCheongju Craft Biennale


Very small pieces of pottery often fail to become cultural heritages no matter how old they are. The author thought that the Western and materialistic dichotomy, which sees broken pottery as a piece of miscarriage, was ephemeral. Therefore, he tried to call on the true meaning of "renewal" through this. [...] The fragments thrown away to others may be insignificant figures, but the fragments abandoned to him are not the end of life but a prerequisite for a new birth and a start. His work, which is based on the shape of an infinite circle, is uniformly saying that one is the whole.

External glass house by Lee Young JaeCheongju Craft Biennale

Heading out (Our house)

This is Lee Youngjae’s Heading out (Our house). The artist majored in glass craftsmanship at Nancy, France, home of new art glass crafting. The artist added more colors to the original piece to create an image of a village that one might find in a children’s story. Lee uses the transparency of glass to create glass shadows that make the object itself, the walls, and the surroundings seem larger. By creating these shadows on the walls, the artist poses the following question to audiences: Could it be possible that dreams are not places that are far away from us but, rather, the very present reality in which we take our every step?

Hermetically sealed Hermetically sealedCheongju Craft Biennale

Hermetically sealed

It's Hermetically sealed, and Todd Hollerbeck is about to challenge construction, retail and theater productions with performances and presentations for television, new media, design and programming. His study looked at the bridge between man and technology, his observations took the form of physical and screen-based works, and more than 160 different objects produced one perfect piece of work by immersing objects and looking at the results. In the hope of filling the memory, each object floats in the air but makes it appear to be the whole thing.

A self-organizing body A self-organizing bodyCheongju Craft Biennale


Through casting techniques, the artist created a unique shape with numerous bumps on its surface, such as the sensory tentacles of a circular creature, using the shape of an amorphous shape. Along with these white bumps, the body's surface is marked with spots of blue and pink, reminiscent of organisms slaughtered at a glance. Depending on the look, the shape of the dolly reminds us of the eruption of energy or the release of the tile from inside the body, which is also associated with the expression of life or life force, the subject matter that penetrates the work of the author. This means that the writer is expanding the realm of courtesy and expression through his unique technique as well.

Urban creature - Calling for Mammon Urban creature - Calling for MammonCheongju Craft Biennale

Urban creature - Calling for mammon

Lee Byung-chan creates an artificial ecosystem called Urban life in an air-filled plastic bag. The author partially melts and welds disposable plastic bags with a lighter fire, then breathes air into the end of the vinyl with an air motor and gives it movement. City Life, which brings an extremely crude plastic bag to the status of art and gives it a mysterious life, can be interpreted as a new form of life wishing for a consumption ecosystem in a city of desire. In the past, while he used to call shoes with colorful strings, Lee Byung-chan is bringing new consumer spirits to those wishing for smooth consumption with the glitzy colors of plastic bags.

Untitled Untitled by Michael JohanssonCheongju Craft Biennale

Untitled 1 work

The author matches the everyday items by color, and combines them into one new thing. He used to build these sculptures in public places such as alleys and doors, as well as museum exhibitions around the world. In his work, Johansson is inspired by everyday coincidences, such as the same color and pattern in things, two people passing by each other in the same costume, or a parking lot full of red cars. During his visit to the flea market, he is said to have been fascinated by the possibility of encountering overlapping or almost identical items. His artistic practice also focuses on the same principle: to combine recognizable objects, and to create something unique by doing so.

Remember the coming time Remember the coming timeCheongju Craft Biennale

Remember the coming time

Remember the passing time, the stones that encounter countless times around us are a repository of memories for someone, a token for someone, a wish for someone, and sometimes a dangerous weapon. As such, stone is a creature that moves and changes depending on how it is used. Stones pile up numerous times and the peeling condense time and space through repetition. It is also condensed into individual moments. A story about a time when you remember a passing time, trying to solve the past, present, or future together, or by coexisting with you through a time between the image and the still.

Everyone is in flower Everyone is in flowerCheongju Craft Biennale

Everyone is in flower

The artist tries to enter the stage of memory through the story of his grandparents where he lived. A thousand flowers are in my memory that will be made through glass beads as a batter who collects the hard work of life. Using the ridges of the tobacco field, try to shape the family's dreamland and embody the image of labor representing life with the clues found and collected. We want to rearrange the objects in the events that lie in life and capture the process that changes due to the movements of observers looking at them. The object representing the case is my body that projects my agony, agony and life's traces related to the members of society, and an attempt to self-indulge others rather than self-indulgence.

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Jung chanboo, Lee jungyoon, Kim jihye, Jin zhenhua, Bahk younghoon, Lee jaehwang, Juliacouzens, Albrecht Klink, Gang hongseok, GUERRA DE LA PAZ, Chung giwoong, Lee taxoo, Lee youngjae, HOLOUBEK TODD, Eom Seongdo, Lee byungchan, Michael Johansson

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