Batik Villages and Inspirational Batik Makers

Since Indonesia independence in 1945, batik tradition evolves with younger generations of batik creators, pushing the boundaries without breaking the true tradition of batik making.

A number of batik production houses withstood the test of time, bringing new batik styles with diverse designs.

There are over 200,000 batik maker working in many "Sentra Batik" which are villages of batik production houses today. These villages have been around for decades and millions of batiks have been produced here.

Here are the three highlights ...

Pekalongan, Central Java

Pekalongan is known as city of Batik. Pekalongan is the first Indonesian city and first South East Asian city listed as member of UNESCO's World's Creative Cities Network. Batik from Pekalongan has a signature in using combination of vibrant colors in their Batiks. 

Kain Panjang Pagi Sore 494 (1940) by Trang Bulan BatikGaleri Batik YBI

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Kain Panjang 518 (2009) by SapuanGaleri Batik YBI

Solo, Central Java

Laweyan Batik Village or Kampung Batik Laweyan is well known throughout Indonesia. In the 14th Century the area started as a village of batik makers for Keraton. Today the village is a national cultural heritage site, conserving batik making culture and its architecture.

Kain Panjang 547 (circa 1960) by Surati - Danar Hadi SoloGaleri Batik YBI

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Cirebon, West Java

Historically Cirebon was an important harbour in 18-19th Century. Textile has been historically a main trade commodity. Along with rich cultural influences from Europe, China and Arab, batik making also thrives in diversity.  

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Kain Panjang Kepala Satu Sisi 401 (2000) by Batik KomarGaleri Batik YBI

Inspirational Batik Makers

Over the decades there are inspiring batik makers who have brought batik to the world. These legends have inspired hundreds and thousands of batik designers and makers today.  Here are only a few of the many legendary Batik makers in Indonesia.

The Tjoa siblings created Batik Tiga Negeri which is considered a perfect blend of acculturation of Javanese, Chinese and European culture, through the parang of Java, peonies of China and European flower arrangements.

It is a special kind of Batik that was dyed in three different states, this is done to achieve a distinct color only Batik Tiga Negeri could produce.

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Go Tik Swan also known as K.R.T. Hardjonagoro is a pioneer in creating Batik Indonesia. It is through his knowledge and craftsmanship skills that the idea of Batik Indonesia that was envisioned by Soekarno was made to reality. 

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Kain Panjang 899 (2000) by Iwan TirtaGaleri Batik YBI

Iwan Tirta was known to have impressively created more than 10,000 original batik designs during his lifetime.  Iwan Tirta once said, “I didn’t create batik, but I preserved and nurtured it like a caretaker.”

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