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Espigar nas Gentes (2015-06) by MIGUEL OLIVEIRAMISTAKER MAKER


Is an artistic intervention platform, based in Lisbon (Portugal), whose mission is to promote actively and creatively the production and promotion of exercises of contemporary art in all its (new) forms of expression; to stimulate informally, by exploring new paths in the production of content, integration of heterogeneous public, seeking strengthening of critical mass and the creation, not only of new artistic products, as well as the growing of economic, social and cultural value.

Bee | Nature Remix Bee | Nature Remix (2016-04-01/2016-04-30) by Bordalo IIMISTAKER MAKER

In March of 2016, MISTAKER MAKER was challenged to join the activation of Strongbow, the world's leading sales cider.

no title (2016-05) by BORDALO IIMISTAKER MAKER

The campaign, under the motto of Nature Remix immediately suggested the invitation to the artist Bordalo II.

Bee | Nature RemixMISTAKER MAKER

Salamander (2015-07) by BORDALO IIMISTAKER MAKER

BORDALO II x Strongbow 2016 (2016-04-01/2016-04-30) by Cloud FactoryMISTAKER MAKER

This piece would be chosen to be protagonist of the world-wide campaign. The whole process of curation, negotiation of space and sale of final rights was made by MISTAKER MAKER.


A place and a story

In Portugal there are many significant places and each of them tells its story. Not only this one that happened hundreds of years ago, but the one that is happening right now. The cities live, the streets speak, the city artists speak on behalf of the people.

Espigar nas Gentes (2015-05) by MARIANA RIOMISTAKER MAKER

Gathering in the People. Rua da Madeira 120, São Bento, Oporto, Portugal.

São Bento is history, is many stories! Stories of passage, of departures and arrivals, of joys and farewells. It is a place of work and routines and, undeniably, a symbol of past modernity and tradition, rituals and more.

São Bento alive

Espigar nas Gentes (2015-05) by MARIANA RIOMISTAKER MAKER

Gathering in the People. Rua da Madeira 25D, São Bento, Oporto, Portugal.

Take a walk in Castelo Branco. Do you hear the streets speaking to you?

Olhares de Braga (2015-02) by DRAWMISTAKER MAKER

Braga is undoubtedly one of the main cities of our country, both in terms of historical, cultural and religious heritage, as well as population density. Undoubtedly, all these ingredients transformed this city into a place of unique identity!

Welcome to Braga!

THE EMPTY BELLYGaleria de Arte Urbana

First time in Lisbon

The first urban art festival in Lisbon took place in May of 2016. GAU, the CML department assigned to Urban Art issues invited 5 recognized cultural agents linked to Urban Art to share the curatorship of the festival: Vhils + Pauline Foessel, Lara Seixo Rodrigues (Mistaker Maker) , Pariz One, Pedro Soares Neves, Miguel Negretti and Ana Vilar Bravo.

Sonha mais alto (2016-05) by MÁRIO BELÉMMISTAKER MAKER

Dream Louder. Rua Rio Douro, Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.

Comvida (2016-05) by ADD FUELMISTAKER MAKER

Rua Rio Mondego, Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.

Discover the street art of Lisbon!

Rivers - chapter 01 (2016-05) by BORONDOMISTAKER MAKER

The Dialog

"...the Urban Art speaks with the city, with the people, with the heritage and nature through murals, installations, workshops, films, lectures, guided tours, music and more, all with the participation of numerous national and international artists".

Rua Rio Douro, Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.

Rivers - chapter 02 (2016-05) by BORONDOMISTAKER MAKER

Rua Professora Maria Leonor Buescu 123, Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.

BORONDOGaleria de Arte Urbana

MISTAKER MAKER has the role of representing and presenting what is best in national territory with regard to Urban Art.

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